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Three women. One internet.

4 comments on “About the Site

  1. Hey ladies, three things:

    1. Great job with this…it’s awesome and complements the show quite well.
    2. How do I post comments for recaps after the season is done…as it is?
    3. FYI, I belive the great opus of Kelinswriter is titled Once Upon a Dream…although with all the cloak and dagger thrills, she leaves us with more than an ounce of fear each update.

    • Rysler on said:


      I fixed the comments for the posts. A season-spanning reaction could go in Ep 12.

      I really look forward to what you have to say. I’ve missed your commentary.

  2. Dears,

    thanks for your postings. It’s very entertaining!
    Thanks to you I can it see with different eyes because english its not my natural language.

    But how can I watch the protected recaps? where do I sign in?

    Kindly reply.

    by roban

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