Xena Warrior Podcast 37 – 3.13 One Against an Army – Commentary

I didn’t think I would have much to contribute to this episode, because usually the really good ones only inspire me to cheer and give a thumbs up. But “One Against an Army” is so good because it’s so good. Like future powerhouses (#3 and #4 on Whoosh’s Top 12 list), I “oooo” just as much as I “awww.”

The ladies mention a previous through-line about needing new boots. That appears to be “The Black Wolf,” 1×11. I have not listened to the commentary on “The Black Wolf” because…the episode is so bad… but here are some choice quotes from Whoosh:

Xena: “Argo. You’ve been needing new shoes since we left Corinth.
Hey. That makes two of us. Come on.”


Xerxes: “Who are you? What is your interest in all this?”
Xena: “My name is Xena. I’m a problem-solver. I can solve your
problem for ten thousand dinars.”
Xerxes: “Mezentirus is dead?”
Xena: “Yes, he is. Ten thousand dinars and a new pair of boots.”


Xena: “Glad I could help. I’ll be even happier when I can get my
Xerxes: “Ah, yes– the ten thousand– it’s yours– and the boots.”

There’s also a future episode where the plot opens as follows: Xena’s boots are falling apart and Argo needs shoes. So look forward to that. Personally, I would prefer more flipping practice opens.

Katie provides a great oration on Hurt/Comfort as a trope. Here’s a good write up of the historical Kirk/Spock aspects. Vera also cites this article regarding Starsky & Hutch. I wrote a graduate paper on “whumping” as a structural element in romance in young adult literature. Just thought I’d brag on that where people would know what I’m talking about. (Check out this week’s poll–what percentage of hurt do you like in your comfort?)

This episode has deep literary roots which shine in the dialogue. “The sky was so thick with arrows you couldn’t see the sun,” is from “The Wasps” by Aristophanes. The Persian War is recounted with the also-glorious line, “We jabbed them in the buttocks through their baggy Persian breeks.” As translated by David Barrett, published in 1964, and thus under copyright.

It’s not a coincidence that there are so many quotable lines, call-backs and otherwise.

Btw, Renee and Lucy did a commentary on “One Against an Army.” There’s a cute story about Tripolis and the serum vial.

Livy (I think), asks, “What’s more important? This romance, or the world?” The podcast addresses this theme in an important, sweeping way. “Monster pin,” as they say. Listen to it again. I’ll confess, and I’m sure I’m not alone, that I love this podcast because it’s so validating. But this episode is revelatory. It lifts the veil on exactly what this show is. It’s beautiful.

I have no more childish gifs to share this week. Nothing stands up to this.

I managed not to post a transcript of the whole episode. Just barely. Geonn Cannon didn’t fare so well–I basically texted him the whole thing. Super smooth segue: Riley Parra airs in twelve days! It’s Rizzoli and Isles meets demons and angels. Check out the trailer and celebrate the complete merging of genre and gay.

Edit: Kelinswriter: You and the Xena podcast steered me into a Sanvers rabbit hole. You are such an instigator.

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