Xena Warrior Podcast 35 – 3.11 Maternal Instincts – Notes

Bulleit Bourbon

Mainly posting to pimp the PATREON. Go support Xena Warrior Podcast and get more minisodes and analysis! They’re already going to do one on “Armageddon Now” and it’s going to be so amazing. If you listen regularly, a token of $1/month supports about four episodes.

The podcast referenced this Two Dinars Deb7’s Maternal Instincts Review. Her email didn’t bounce back, so, fingers crossed. Also, props to all the research that goes into this show.

No commentary from me this week, just from Aristotle’s Poetics (which is an amazing document and he talks about Medea, which was referenced in this podcast. Probably not a coincidence.):

“[Tragedy] should come about as the result not of vice, but of some great error or frailty, in a character either such as we have described [heroic/good]… Tragedy is events inspiring fear or pity. The circumstance which strike us as terrible or pitiful [is] when the tragic incident occurs between those who are near or dear to one another.”

Edit: Take the poll! My favorite dead children are from Macbeth.

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