Xena Warrior Podcast 28 – The Lost Mariner 2.21 – Commentary (Freud and Chandler)

Tony Todd in Xena

Xena Warrior Podcast Episode 28 is about “The Lost Mariner,” a lush and romantic episode (on a boat!) and “Comedy of Eros” which is… Look, I love Chris Manheim. She wrote “Paradise Found,” one of my top five episodes. She wrote “Devi” and “A Family Affair.” She is literally the best. Her commentary with Rob Tapert on “Paradise Found” is fantastic. So I’m not gonna throw shade. Instead, I found that clip of Chandler.

The XWPodcasters spent some time talking about Cecrops’ guilt, and how it holds him back from freeing himself from the curse. So I was going to talk about that some, how guilt is the product of the ego, it’s a power/control thing, and how releasing guilt (literally just stop feeling guilty–super easy, right?) is good for the soul. But it’s really hard to find citations that aren’t weird self-help websites, which is not academically rigorous.

Freud wrote a lot about guilt. This is a decent summary:

“Freud’s researches convinced him that many of his patients were suffering from a sense of guilt, but were unconscious of the fact. The presence of these unconscious guilt feelings he inferred from a need for suffering, a desire for punishment he observed in them. It was as though by suffering they could atone for some evil – as though, indeed, only by such suffering, could they find happiness.” – Freud’s Teaching on Shame, Paul Alfred Hazard, 1969.

I may have written the episode writer and asked him about Freud and guilt. While that’s pending, here’s a great meditation on forgiving yourself if this is something you struggle with.

As for “Comedy of Eros,” there’s some talk that it’s queerbaiting. But for me it’s about visibility. Showing two men falling or love or even teasing the audience that Xena and Gabrielle might fall in love was huge. The XWPodcasters allude to network interference, and anything can happen on a TV show. Let me posit: What if this was all there was?

What if there was an agreed lesbian storyline and the network actually did censor it, or what if the actors backed out of it, or whatever the hell Rizzoli & Isles was. What if your lesbian arc got so screwed up that you actually created a second TV show to fix it? (Wait, that last thing is actually hilarious.)

There are six years of Xena. We are so blessed.

A Comedy of Eros
(If you were a shape, Xena, you would be an arrow.)

(Edit: Look what Geonn found.)

Guess what!
Season Three is Coming

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