Xena Warrior Podcast 26 – Blind Faith 2.18 – Memes

Palaemon from Xena Warrior Princess GIF

Guys, I have a type. Big, blond, dumb guys. Guys like Palaemon. He’s featured in Xena Warrior Podcast Episode 26. Listen to the episode before reading this commentary looking at some gifs and memes.

Like this gif.

Xena Blind Faith

Oh, Gabrielle.

The hosts don’t like Palaemon as much as I do, which made me reflect on my 16-year-old self, deeply in denial and yet able to enjoy a bad boy’s antics and Xena’s sweet rescue of Gabrielle in “Blind Faith” (3.19). It’s like the perfect storm of subtext and trustworthy men. I have a damsel in distress kink, no matter how anti-feminist it is.

Anyway, the podcast features a lengthy debate over this piece of dialogue:

G: “Have you ever been in love, Vidalis? Huh? I mean, really
in love.”

Vidalis: “Well, there was a certain someone.”

G: “Now, when you think of that person, can you imagine being
with anyone else? Well, now you know how I feel. I can’t marry
the king because my heart belongs to another. And even though I
can’t be with him now, I’m not ready to be with anyone else.
So you have to help me, Vidalis, please?”

The podcasters thus have decided that “Him” is a pet name for Xena of Amphipolis. Works for me. And references my favorite meme from The 100: #ClarketheHusband.

#ClarkeTheHusband: How a ‘The 100’ fanfic accidentally went viral

If Clarke, why not Xena?

Even better is Lexa’s obsession with candles, evidenced by this Google Image Search. Clexa crack is a very deep rabbit hole.

What were we talking about again?

Content Note:

I made the gifs. Use them however you like. No attribution needed.


I am Rysler and I do not know the hosts of this podcast.

There will be no bashing of fans, experts, TPTB, or source material. We are toxin-free zone. Anything spurious is intended in good humor. This show is over ten years old. C’mon, guys.

Heterosexuality will be tolerated here. :: puts a quarter in the jar::

I’m a librarian and information theory will pop up from time to time. There will also be an excessive amount of Buddhism.


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