Recap: Season 4, Episode 9

Welcome to the Venice: The Series Recaps with Kelinswriter (@worddancer21) and I. We are now 3/4 of the way through the season. And I am working my second Wednesday double-shift in three weeks, so this recap will be bereft of pictures.

We begin with a replay of last week’s final scene. Gina wakes up in the hospital enough to pronounce, “Leave me alone.”

Kelinswriter: Gina has not gotten any less cranky since last week.

So told, Ani calls Lara to give her the good news that Gina’s alive and intact. Lara is not thrilled. Ani calls her the best fiance ever.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be that anymore.”

Ani’s startled. Lara wants to get rush-married.

Kelinswriter: Ani seems mostly relieved that Gina basically told her to fuck off. And…oh hey they set a date and Lara wants to change it to really soon. SHOCKING!!!!

Hilariously, Ani just totally tunes her out during the little begging speech. Then runs back to talk to Gina’s doctors.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Lara asks. Four seasons of this hasn’t convinced her. She cries, struggling with herself. Maybe this is the moment she gives up on Ani. Maybe it would have been if she hadn’t plowed Gina down with her car. Too many secrets, too much bad karma. Lara digs through the trash and finds booze. She drinks, sitting on the kitchen floor.

Kelinswriter: My ex used to blow me off during important moments like that, Lara. IT IS A SIGN. And not that you should go hunting for the one bottle you stashed behind the garbage can for emergencies. (As previously noted, wasting that bottle of Tanq was a Karmic mistake of the first order.)

Back in the hospital, Gina is giving her nurse a hard time. Who’s shocked?

Kelinswriter: Where’s Stella when you need her? (Actually…this is a really good point. Why isn’t Stella there to hold the Colonel’s hand like she usually does during the crisis of the week?)

“What now?” she asks, when the nurse finally leaves her alone.

When Ani finally gets home, Lara is all smiles. The quivering, pathetic mess is gone. She’s arranged her wedding. She’s recommitted to her cause.

Kelinswriter: Lara is happy hyper not quite drunk…and making wedding plans. This rushed wedding as blackmail thing is really quite gross. But Ani just sort of going along with it is its own brand of gross, so there’s that. Oh ladies. Please get some therapy.

“This isn’t about Gina,” she declares. But it so is. See what it’s like to be consumed into Gina’s life, Lara? Not so easy to escape.

“Don’t you think Gina’s thinking life’s a little short right now?” is Lara’s best argument to Ani.

Flashback to Ani and Gina’s previous conversation on the beach. It’s Gina’s advice that pushes Ani into saying “Yes,” but she hugs Lara sincerely. I mean, everyone’s telling her this is the best thing, right?

Richard appears in the hospital and Gina yells at him.

Kelinswriter: Either Gina has had the fastest head injury/coma recovery in the history of the universe, or we’ve gone through a soap opera time warp. Either way, she’s back and still cranky as hell. Though I will say, I can’t blame her for wanting everyone to fuck off. People have been doing more than their fair share of telling her how to think and feel this season. It would be getting on my nerves too.

“They love you,” he points out. Guya and Ani and the weird daughter.

This has always been Gina’s issue, hasn’t it? Distance where none exists. All this self-created angst. Why is she so afraid to let people care about her? Is it her dead mother? Her emotionally distant father?

But she does confess, since she trusts Richard, that she saw Owen. He’s stunned into silence. Because it’s crazy talk.

Smug, she goes home to Owen’s empty apartment and sits alone. Except, Owen’s there. He’s frustrated. “You’d have been better off staying with me.”

Kelinswriter: Gina’s sitting vigil in Owen’s apartment while Owen watches. With all that rambling he’s doing you’d think she’d hear him, but apparently the rules work different here on earth. Though…I think for a split second she might have seen him out of the corner of her eye.

Then we’re back to Malbec! The site of all disasters. Lara runs into Jake and invites him to her wedding.

Jake tempts her with alcohol.

Kelinswriter: Jake waves that drink beneath her nose like he’s waving…something else. I don’t quite know what’s going on between these two but it’s creepy…in a good way.

“Just one,” she says.

Logan’s watching. Logan’s pleased.

Kelinswriter: Logan looks like she’s ready to pop popcorn and enjoy the show.

Brandon and Van have the most interesting conversation of the episode, all cagey and manly. Brandon pries about Van’s relationship with Owen, the “golden boy.” Van’s open about never being friends with him, never hanging out with him, never having a beer at his house. But Brandon found evidence. He knows.

Kelinswriter: Brandon is trying really hard to trap Van in a lie, and Van’s doing his best to play it cool. It’s like two boxers trying to size each other up.
Van flashes back to hiding in the bathroom as Owen’s stabbed, and coming out to find him dead. What was he hoping for? Just to watch the fireworks as Sami got her freak on?

Kelinswriter: Wait…was Van hiding in the bathroom the whole time?

Van’s genuinely disturbed, but hides as the Colonel arrives.

Van shrugs off the memory. But Brandon has his clue.

Logan’s come over to Gina’s sad, lonely, lovely home.

“I heard you weren’t receiving,” she says. And now we’re in Downton Abbey.

Kelinswriter: Okay we have a confirmed soap opera time warp incident. That being said, it still seems a little early to be handing Gina booze with which to wash down her Vicodin.

“I’m dead on the inside,” Gina says.
“You look great.”

Kelinswriter: Logan seems intent on doing Gina a mitzvah here. I can’t quite figure out what her angle is.

Lara and Ani have sex, and they’re just as gorgeous as ever. Excellent lighting.

Kelinswriter: Um…pretty. But you both still need therapy.

Guya’s smiling, too. Looking at pictures of Van as Brandon wraps his arm around her. Maybe things are going to be okay after all this.

Van drinks alone.

Kelinswriter: Is that guilt, Van? *hands him blankie*

Richard drinks by his van. The Colonel and Sarah show up. See Gina? This is family.

Kelinswriter: The three amigos, together again.

Gina’s still alone.

Kelinswriter: Gina is at last in her own bed. Alone. Forlorn. This is not good.

Ani gazes at her diamond ring in the afterglow. She doesn’t look happy.

Kelinswriter: The safety hazards of having that ring on while getting some aside, this is a poignant moment. I think Ani is hoping that if she pretends long enough, the freight train she’s on will start to feel like a pretty cool ride. But that’s no way to live, Ani. Time to put those big girl panties on and take control of your life.

Lessons for us all!

5 comments on “Recap: Season 4, Episode 9

  1. Just when I thought it was safe to back to Venice, there it is. The World’s Ugliest Shirt. The fact that it’s a flashback is immaterial. Hell, the Shirt is probably owed residuals at this point. This also raises several Shirt-related questions: 1) Is it SAG-AFTRA?, 2) What role will it play in bringing Gina and Ani together?, 3) Is it dry clean only?

    Next time Logan goes calling on Gina (an effort to court her perhaps?), they can take turns wearing the Shirt again. No doubt Guya will get chills and announce, “Gina’s in trouble. I’m hearing voices. Someone’s speaking like she’s in a Jane Austen novel. Oh Brandon! I have a feeling Gina is wearing that really ugly shirt again!”

    For the next three seasons, Brandon will try to piece together how the Shirt’s pattern can reveal the GPS coordinates of Sami’s location. A futile effort, of course, considering that it’s a shirt.

    • Kelinswriter on said:

      The Shirt gets around.

      And I’m pretty sure the secrets to the universe, or at least the location of Jimmy Hoffa, is encoded within it.

      Lay off the Shirt, dammit. Clearly, it’s MAGIC.

  2. I felt like this was a filler episode. It seemed like nothing progressed besides the wedding date. The music during the montage at the end was horrific! Is it me or did Lara and Ani have on the frumpiest ensembles to ever grace a love scene?! As sexy as they are together, that music coupled with their clothing makes me feel a little slighted because of the missed potential. All in all, I Love Venice and your recaps!!!!

  3. I don’t know, Kelins…I’ve seen a few MAGICAL shirts in this realm. A grey one and a pink one come to mind…I know you know what I’m talkin’ about. Clearly this Shirt will either be a crime or solve a crime. I see no alternatives.

  4. WoodsyLadyM on said:

    Perhaps not much forward movement but they sure piled on the angst. Nadia was amazing in the freak-out scene. Give the girl an Emmy. This entire season needs to have it’s own special category. LOL

    Thanks for the recap.