Recap: Season 4, Episode 8

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Kelinswriter (@worddancer21) and I welcome you back to Venice: The Series recaps. This episode is rather heavenly…


This episode tells one major story: Owen and Gina in purgatory.

Owen and Gina reunite in huggy, tearful fashion.

Kelinswriter: Gina thinks Heaven is awesome, mostly because Owen is in it. Though I think she might be worried Owen watched her get it on with Logan. And of course, within seconds they’re fighting like only siblings can fight.

They’re fighting because Owen knows the score immediately. If Gina’s here, Gina’s dead, and that’s not acceptable. For reasons from the spiritual to the mundane.

“I don’t want you to spend eternity with him!” Owen says, meaning Teddy.

Teddy doesn’t take it personally. He and Gina become fast friends through debauchery.

Kelinswriter: Gina, you’re so silly. You can only handle relaxing and peaceful in five minute doses and you know it.

Owen’s pissed at them, but I think Teddy’s role here as spiritual guide to the afterlife is pretty decent. He gives both Owen and Gina comfort when they need it, and a little push here and there.

“I’m Teddy, and there is a bar.”
“Do not talk to him.”
“I’ve got peanuts somewhere.”

Owen is displeased.

Anyway, Gina figures out who Teddy is in two seconds. She’s got that kind of mind. He’s Katherine’s deceased husband, rich super villain, now purgatorial Peter. Apparently back in the day Teddy was a real Alan.

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Meanwhile, Brandon stares at his computer, waiting for a break in the case. He’s studying something, looking for real evidence. Finally, as he’s putting sugar in his coffee, Brandon sees something. We aren’t allowed to see. Frustrating! But Sami has a friend. Who is Sami’s friend? Van? Or someone we haven’t considered?

Kelinswriter: Brandon has figured something out. The game is afoot!!!

The family is in the hospital, Gina having stabilized into a coma after her “episode” at the end of last week. But Ani’s not with them.

Ani is wandering through exile, searching for her car.

Kelinswriter: Why is Ani wandering around the parking lot looking for her car? Someone may want to consider handing her a Xanax and putting her to bed.

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Logan appears in a sexy convertible. Logan is exceedingly helpful, trying to get Ani back into the hospital, legitimately worried about Gina. Did she drive straight over after the meeting with Alan? Why didn’t she ride with Katherine? Where is Alan?

Ani calls Logan on her bullshit as best she can in her dazed, pissed off state. But Logan bites back.

Kelinswriter: Logan calls Ani on her bullshit and all I can think is, FINALLY SOMEONE HAS. (Great writing happening, writing team people.) Also, there’s an interesting dynamic at work in that Jamie seems to have to remind Gina that she has a heart, while Logan seems the person designated to remind Ani that she has a spine. Though like Ani, I can’t help but wonder what angle Logan is working. Is it possible she might actually…care?

“I have very selfish reasons for wanting Gina ALIVE,” Logan offers up. A dose of honesty. And that is such a soap line. Why are the scenes Ani and Logan get together always the best scenes?

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Katherine has arrived at the hospital, because Guya needs her as much as she needs Guya. A connection back to the spiritual world, however bullshit and tenuous. Katherine, the kindest person on the planet, is gentle with Guya and then goes over to comfort the Colonel. So brave! Reaching out to a man in need is just what she does.

The Colonel waxes poetic about what little shits children are, then focuses on Katherine as the girlfriend of her daughter’s best client. He doesn’t trust Alan.

Katherine is wide-eyed at this. Heh.

Kelinswriter: How much do I love these two in a scene together? So much. Hey, show, it would be really awesome if you go where I think you might be going…

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Lara is alone. Left out of the party again. She’s emptying her bottles.

Kelinswriter: Rather than going to the hospital, Lara decided to indulge in a bit of premature recycling.

Lara’s frenetic energy reminds me of Flight. She’s still determined to have an alibi. To pretend to be somebody who’s been sober all along.

Kelinswriter: At least drink it, good lord. You know you’re just gonna buy more, Lara.

She knows it’s hopeless. If Gina dies, Ani will never let go. If Gina lives… well, that’s too horrible to contemplate.

Back in the heavenly waiting room, Owen convinces Gina to go back home. He has to try everything. Reverse psychology, sincerity, bullying, being a smart-ass…

Kelinswriter: Um…did Owen know Katherine? Also even dead, Gina doesn’t like being told what to do. Owen’s having to pull out all the stops to get her nose out of that martini and pointed back toward earth. In the process, he proves he really does know her better than anyone.

She has too much to live for and he kind of doesn’t. Teddy promises to take care of him. Then Owen has manly tears. They share a lemon pie, to make up for all the sins of the past.

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Kelinswriter: Aww, they’re sharing a lemon pie. This is such a sweet little goodbye scene. Also Gina knowing Hell doesn’t actually exist may not be the best thing for her…just saying.

“Poor Catholics.”

Gina’s leaving him for the last time. He’s off to heaven.

In the hospital, Ani states her case, and the Colonel relents.

Kelinswriter: There she is! That’s the fierce, determined Ani we all want her to be. Nicely done, Logan.

Aw, Guya’s proud when the Colonel’s not an asshole. Sarah goes with Ani to… protect Gina? How ironic. Sarah is everywhere. Like a bad penny? Like when they rewrite Buffy scenes and insert Dawn. She’s just there.

No one’s caught onto that. Though there’s a lot of shit going on in everyone’s lives right now, amirite?

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Gina’s slowly waking up. Ani, Sarah, Guya, and the Colonel are there.

“We’re all here,” Ani says.

Gina can only manage, “Leave me alone.”

Kelinswriter: Well that’s awkward.

3 comments on “Recap: Season 4, Episode 8

  1. You know, it’s not often that I cry at TV shows. Or online soap operas. This might be because I’m emotionally stunted, but I’m not ashamed to admit I almost lost it during this one. Hell, I wasn’t even sure I was seeing things right. I had to rewind it just to make sure.

    And there it was. That evil whore (aka Lara) dumping a perfectly good bottle of Tanqueray down the sink. And she’s just so cavalier about it. I knew I hated her. That’s premium gin, bitch. I might also add that it is a very serviceable beverage in the Lara Drinking Game (wherein you take a swig of your martini—or G&T if you’re not of age—every time a Venice cast member finds a new way to pronounce Lara’s name).

    And while we’re on the subject of martinis, which one could lamely argue we are, I wholeheartedly endorse the availability of a full-service (and fast!) bar in heaven. My concern, however, is that I recognize those olives. Those are Star olives from Costco. And while I understand that Ms. Chappell and co. would most certainly benefit from buying olives in bulk, I believe they deserve better. Of course, now that Gina’s back on Earth, it’s not like there’s any gin around to put those olives in.

    Just when I think that bitch has run out of ways to fuck up Gina’s day…

    P.S. Kelinswriter, this is what happens when you encourage me to comment. And yes, I know Gina drinks vodka. Doesn’t change the fact that I was personally offended by the gin thing.

    • Kelinswriter on said:

      I would say I was shocked by this, but I’ve looked at your twitter feed. 😉 And though I too am a vodka girl, I have a friend who would be disturbed by the misuse of the Tanqueray. It truly is alcohol abuse, especially with global warming threatening to take juniper berries away from us in the near catastrophic future. There we’ll be, sitting in the desert wasteland we’ve created, thinking “If only that bitch Lara hadn’t poured a perfectly good bottle of Tanq down the drain.” (Dear sweet Jesus, please let the chardonnay and Goose survive. And the Bailey’s. And the rum. Amen.)

      As for the Costco olives, well, yes, that is sad. But at a certain point, you have to take your vegetables where you can get them. Antioxidants and all that, y’know…

      PS Thank you for commenting. Keep them coming please. *hands you gin*

      • I do not wish to live in this horrible world you describe (but I have chardonnay in my earthquake kit to barter with just in case). And I take no responsibility for that Twitter feed you saw. I am nothing but a lowly transcriber of the crazy shit someone else says.