Recap: Season 4, Episode 7

Kelinswriter (@worddancer21) and I welcome you back to Venice: The Series recaps. This is the aftermath of episode six’s doozy. As Kelinswriter points out, after this, only five episodes are left. Where do we go from here?

It’s amazing we’re doing this, with this wonderful cast and these wonderful writers and directors, four years to the day that Guiding Light went off the air. Hope and good work spring eternal.

The curtain opens on Lara, who has finally pulled over. She relives the memory of running into Gina with her car, and calls.. Jake. Does she have no friends? Because she’s toxic?

“No one’s going to believe it’s an accident,” she tells Jake. Which is true, and hilarious, and the least of her problems.

Kelinswriter: Nothing like running over a person to sober you up. I almost feel sorry for Lara here, if for no other reason than because she thinks Jake would be a good source of advice in such a situation.

“Cross your fingers and hope that Gina dies,” Jake responds. Man, that guy and his issues.


Aww, Ani stands by the side of the road, clutching Gina’s purse. In her white top.

There’s already crime scene tape everywhere, and Brandon walks up behind her. He introduces himself. He doesn’t know her because she’s not a Brogno, I guess. The crux of the series—Ani should be a Brogno, but isn’t. As will continue to develop this episode.

He asks her for information about the accident, but she only had eyes for Gina.

Kelinswriter: The answer to Brandon’s question is blue, Ani. Silvery blue. WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND BEHIND THE WHEEL.

Brandon goes into good cop mode. He has his thinking cap on, even as he comforts Ani. See, Van? He has a thinking cap. After getting Ani squared away, he starts making notifications.

“Is it Van?” Guya asks as she answers the phone. Then she says no more, her expressions just shift through horror and despair. (HBS is a genius).

Kelinswriter: Guya has this “not again” look on her face. What the hell did she do to her Karma in her last life?


Jake has driven over to fucked up Lara, and has TAKEN OFF HIS SHIRT.

Kelinswriter: Jake has opted to strip down to his wifebeater to pick up the newly minted felon and take her out for lunch. I’m not complaining about this.

Lara’s still whining, but Jake’s crafty and makes her an alibi. Lunch and her meeting. Purer than the driven snow.

Kelinswriter: Lara starts with an appropriate level of concern about the person she may have vehicularly manslaughtered. It was nice of her to get past that before starting to worry about her own skin. Also, pretty sure in the real world that car would be dented to hell and back again and probably have a busted windshield too.
Rysler: People never take care of their rentals.


Then there’s a montage of more phone calls. Echoes of the season premiere. The Colonel looks like an old man. 🙁

Kelinswriter: It hurts to see the Colonel like this. He’s old and frail and may be past being able to take what he’s being hit with.


Owen, of course, is watching everything on his television. He demands Joel Brooks explain why God’s such an asshole.

“Why does everyone on Earth think life is one big puppet show?” Joel offers up. Not a huge comfort.

Owen’s freaking out. This is the scene I was anticipating, and it’s so sad. 🙁

Joel tries to explain that there are Reasons, and that Owen waiting around eternally is Important. But he can’t give Owen an answer as to what’s more important than his sister. (Exactly).


Back on earth, the usual suspects are waiting at the hospital.

“Brognos?” the doctor asks as he walks in. (Kelinswriter: Kyle David Pierce alert! Nice INN joke, Venice…)
“That’s us!”

Aww, family portrait.

I was just at the ER (for something ridiculous), and this doctor is pretty convincing. He’s not handing out the Ativan for the stressed people, though (woo). Anyway, he explains that Gina’s lucky to be alive, and she’s not out of the woods yet.


Oh, Jamie rushes in! He was missing from the Brogno family portrait. My Bad. He understands how things work, so he gets right to Ani for the information exchange.

Gina’s phone rings. Ani answers it. “Alan?” Heh. She’s so not into talking to Alan right now.


Katherine, Logan, and Alan are waiting for the meeting that Gina was rushing off to when Lara smashed into her. Alan explains that Gina is going to be indisposed.

Logan’s expression is making me laugh so hard.

Kelinswriter: Alan says “Gina’s been hit by a car” with about as much emotion as a weather report. He’s so sleazy. So is Logan. Katherine’s just clueless.

Logan and Alan stare evilly into each other’s eyes.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Sarah is going to call Richard. She encourages the Colonel to go see his daughter. He’s so not into that. Sarah departs, Guya walks up.

“Did you call Van?” he asks.

Hee. Because Van is who you want at a time like this.

The Colonel and Jane have an adorable argument about who should go in to see Gina first.

Kelinswriter: Has anyone checked the Colonel’s blood pressure? Because he looks like he’s ready to stroke out again.

“GO,” Guya tries.
“Just go in. She shouldn’t be alone,” The Colonel guilt-trips back.

Kelinswriter: This scene reminded me a lot of those great scenes between them in seasons 1 and 2. Guya is reverting back to her “get over your bullshit” mode of getting after the Colonel where his kids are concerned.

Owen is not impressed by the Colonel’s cowardice. Owen would be right by Gina’s side. With Ani.

“Just leave her by the side of the road, you son of a bitch!”

Joel Brooks tries to explain that the path of reconciliation with one’s parents is not through rage and judgment.

“Do you ever get sick of spouting this shit?” Owen asks.

“I’m always right,” Joel Brooks says. “Check it.”

Gina lies inert in a hospital bed. There’s vulnerable Gina and then there’s helpless Gina, and it’s making Guya so sad. Usually, even when Gina’s not talking, she’s EXPRESSING. Rage, contempt, lust, love, hope, crushed bunny hopelessness. But here she’s not expressing at all. It’s a crazy void.

Kelinswriter: This is losing Katie all over again for Guya. It breaks my heart.


Outside the hospital, Brandon and Van pass like two ships in the day.

Kelinswriter: “The person that mowed down cousin Gina.” You are the picture of sensitivity, Van.

Brandon offers platitudes, but Van, being a dick, can’t help baiting him on Sami.

“I want the Owen case solved by the time she opens her eyes,” Brandon says.

Van is all lol on that one.

Ani wants to see Gina, but the Colonel forbids it. He even uses the “Family only card.” Damn Colonel went hardcore on her. A year ago that would have been homophobia, now it’s just Colonelness, and it hurts like hell.

Kelinswriter: Ani, you’re going to need to find a way to rebel and get in that room. The look on her face when she sat back down broke my heart.

Sarah takes Gina’s purse from Ani and gives her some obviously fake gratitude. Is Sarah going to rob Gina’s purse? Or is she just following Colonel’s directives?

Kelinswriter: Is it me, or does Sarah want that bag a little too much? I have a bad feeling about this…

Lara has completed her meeting, though she couldn’t tell Jake what went on. Jake kisses Lara and it’s spectacularly gross. Even Lara thinks so. It’s enough to shake her out of her zonked out state.

She seems different. Defeated, maybe. But she still looks gorgeous. Jake demands she visit Gina in the hospital, because he wants to see the shit fly, but she declines.

Kelinswriter: Lara’s so conflicted between playing it cool and being a good person. Also, I think she might actually be sober.

Hee Van looks bored. And he LIKES Gina. I think.

The Colonel has worked up the stones to go see Gina.

Kelinswriter: The Colonel announces he’s going in to see Gina like he’s announcing that he’s decided to invade Grenada. I also loved Guya’s semi-patronizing “Good idea.” She’s trying so hard to encourage him not to revert to his natural state of douchiness.

“He’s freaking out,” Guya reflects. “Another car accident. It’s like Katie all over again.”

The Colonel gives Gina an awesome little pep-talk about how everyone else sucks but her. She’s the strongest. He actually says “Gear up.”

Then he says, “I need my daughter.” And he’s crying.

Kelinswriter: Simple words delivered beautifully by Jordan Clarke. And…uh, oh…Nicole’s mother is calling a code!

Gina’s crashing.

The Colonel’s sent outside to panic everyone. Ani rushes away, presumably to be at Gina’s side.

Kelinswriter: Ani’s first instinct is to run to Gina. We’re shocked by this.

Owen’s watching all this unfold, shouting at the television like he’s watching the worst football game of his life. Proving that he knows Gina’s soul better than anyone, he says shes not ready to be dead. “She needs to resolve stuff.” Don’t we all?

(Sorry to pause the poignant, but I think Joel Brooks is drinking a beer. In heaven. Heaven rocks.)


Gina enters the heavenly waiting room. Owen bounds up to embrace her. Gina and Owen reunited. It’s a beautiful moment. Theirs will be a tough bond to break, if it comes to that.

Kelinswriter: Awwwww, this is really sweet. Now tell her to get her ass back down there, Owen. She’s got shit to do.

2 comments on “Recap: Season 4, Episode 7

  1. Great recap as usual.I thought Jordan and Hillary were especially good today.I’m worried about the Colonel health during this ordeal. I’m also worried about Sarah wanting Gina’s purse so much.Very lovely scene between Owen and Gina at the end. Kelinswriter, I loved this phrase “vehicularly manslaughtered”! Good one.

  2. WoodsyLadyM on said:

    This episode was hard to watch. They are really turning up the angst meter this season. But it’s all good. It was still an awesome episode.

    Jake is nauseating. I now feel sorry for Lara. It’s pretty sad when the only person she thinks to call is him. I guess she has no friends other than Ani.

    I understand the Colonel’s reasons for not letting Ani see Gina but that broke my heart. It certainly happens in real life often enough. I’m glad she ignored him at the end and ran to see Gina.

    I always love the scenes in heaven’s waiting room because they always provide some much-needed comic relief. Things are starting to get serious though. It was touching to see Gina and Owen get together again. They need to have a long talk and he needs to tell her what’s been going on behind her back.

    Thanks for the recap.