Recap: Season 4, Episode 2

Season Four of Venice: The Series opened splendidly with death and pathos. Will that continue? Kelinswriter (@worddancer21) and myself are here to let you know, brave readers.

The season truly kicks off this week, with new credits(!) and lots of exposition. We get an info-dump on Jaime’s restaurant, Michelle’s whereabouts, and Lara’s drinking. And Jake! This episode is full of set-up. If we miss any foreshadowing, yell at us in comments.

Kelinswriter: Oh hi new credits. I like these visuals.

We  begin with Ani dithering outside her house.

Kelinswriter: I’m calling this the season of the hoodie.

She’s missing something–no, not her keys–she shuffles around until she finds her engagement ring and slips it on. It’s dawn. She’s wearing last night’s clothes. A flashback confirms she spent the night at Gina’s. She sneaks inside.

Kelinswriter: All Ani (presumably) did was go talk to a friend who just lost a family member and yet she’s acting like she’s doing a full on walk of shame. I think the phrase you’re looking for is emotional affair, Ani…

Lara confronts her.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz001

Meanwhile at Malbec (Kelinswriter: Jamie’s got his own place thanks to Drew! Apparently rocket science is not affected by the Sequester.), Gina is aglow in post-Ani goodness. She has her secret smile, and Jaime asks what all of us are thinking. She denies anything but talking. Jaime’s actually hurt. He presses the issue. “But you love her.”

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz002

“I don’t want to love anyone right now. It just hurts too much.”

Rysler: I’m conflicted by the sentiment, but I don’t think Gina’s going to get her wish.

Kelinswriter: Gina needs a gallon of ice cream and Netflix marathon so bad right now.

Ani’s doing damage control with Lara, talking quickly, defending her actions. Lara says all the right things, and tries to believe them, but she’s still hurt.

Kelinswriter: “All we did is talk.” Ani is constantly saying things like this and it’s starting to get on my nerves. Of course all you did is talk and your girlfriend should know that by now. The codependence patterns going on here are mind-blowing.

Gina’s life is chaos. (I like this Ani / Gina / Ani / Gina scene cutting!). Alan catches her. He gloats.

Kelinswriter: Gina, honey, you should not be working. You’re doing more harm than good.

Guya can’t see Owen’s spirit, or the vestiges of the stabbing incident. Hmmmm…

Kelinswriter: The Universe IS purposely keeping you in the dark, Guya. It knows what will happen to you when things do become clear.

Brandon informs her he has no leads on Sami. Poor man. This family is going to cost him his career one way or another.

Richard and the Colonel have a visit. Jordan Clarke and Robert Newman have a reunion. There’s lots of man hugging and inside looks and fun.

The Colonel says of his grief, “Today I’m sitting here wondering how I let down both my kids the way I did. I’ll give myself one day to mull over it and then I’m going to get over it.”

Kelinswriter: What a beautiful speech by Jordan Clarke. The Colonel has come so far in a few short seasons. I think you could argue that he’s the character who has evolved the most.

Rysler: I LOVE THAT. It’s so structured. Acknowledgment of pain and the uselessness of pain.

Richard doesn’t really care about the moment though, since he wants to dump Sarah news all over.

Kelinswriter: Richard, you should not be telling the Colonel this.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz003

Lara has made her way to Malbec, because that Irish pub just did not work out for her. She’s trying to type.


Kelinswriter: I will never understand people who are comfortable with a beverage being that close to their laptop.

Jamie pretends to be happy for her getting her book deal back, being engaged, being sober, etc, but somehow it just isn’t enough. She’s not really happy. He’s not really happy.

And she definitely isn’t sober.

Kelinswriter: Three weeks sober, my ass. Jamie, you’re a bartender, you have to have known a lot of drunks in your time. I really can’t believe that you’re buying that.

When I first watched this, I was proud of her. Like, seeing Sami unhinged was the last straw for Lara, and Lara got her shit together. After all, she’d rejected Sami’s advances and proposed to Ani instead. But Sami has managed to stab her in the back metaphorically with Owen’s death, since it’s leading to so much Gina/Ani. So, I thought Lara was mad at the right person (Sami), but she’s not. She’s mad at everyone. Especially Jamie, because this just isn’t working.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz004

Kelinswriter: Ani’s doing the ring dance again. Sooner or later, she’s going to screw that one up, either with Lara or Gina. I do love how she was careful to keep the coffees in the correct hands so they wouldn’t get mixed up.

Ani takes coffee to Gina’s workplace, takes over her life, and unwittingly aids Villain Alan and Junkie Jake into ruining Katherine and Gina all the sooner. STOP BUTTING IN, ANI. Also how Beacon’s Assistant was this scene?

Kelinswriter: Oh, hai, Natalia, there you are. Nice to see you sweetie! Try to avoid catering client dinners this time around.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz005

Richard has told John all about Sarah’s origins who… takes it super-well?

Kelinswriter: RICHARD YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS. I mean, it’s nice for the Colonel but still…it’s a douchey thing to do. Gina’s going to hit the roof.

The Colonel’s in a vulnerable place, this is good news, and he eventually gets around to Gina being Gina about this whole thing. Also that he’s an ass for not noticing, without acknowledging duplicity about that. But anyway, happy news on a dark day for the Colonel.

Kelinswriter: “Grandpa.” I love seeing these two working together. Love love love it.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz006

In the best transition in the history of TV, we go from Richard/John man-hug to Guya motorboating Katherine.

Kelinswriter: Okay did HBS seriously just motorboat Tina Sloan? *rewatches*

Katherine is here for her regular tarot reading, and Guya is pleased to oblige. Katherine presses Guya on using her powers to help the police, but Guya waves her off. She doesn’t want to reveal that she’s been psychically impotent for FOUR SEASONS.

“Is Alan still in the picture?” Guya asks skeptically.

Katherine babbles. She’s so her. Little scene stealer.

Kelinswriter: The chemistry between these two is magic. Someone write them a sitcom please.

“Someone’s not being honest about their feelings.”

“It’s me,” Katherine says.

Oh, girl.

Kelinswriter: I get the sense the threads of this year’s stories are going to converge more than they have in years past. I can’t quite see the connections yet, but I think they’re there.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz007

Alan and Jake are getting drunk together. There’s been a lot of Alan this season. I approve. Alan praises Ani’s involvement, which doesn’t please Jake. Gina broke his sister’s heart. He seems to care.

Kelinswriter: Jake’s soft spot for Ani creeps me out.

Anyway, it sounds like they’re using fake invoices that Katherine is paying to gather money to store in Jake’s offshore accounts. Which is not so much laundering money as stealing it, but who knows? They’re drunk. They argue over cash and blackmail. Already!

Kelinswriter: Oh no you are not going to try to take over The Beacon Gina’s business. This is not going to end well for you, ALAN.

Rysler: They should be gross and malevolent in this scene, but I find it all adorable.

Gina goes to clean Owen’s apartment, with Ani’s support and Brandon’s official escort.

Kelinswriter: “This is a bad idea,” says Ani, echoing the thoughts of every single member of the audience.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz008

Sarah meets the Colonel, who goes all Colonel on her.

Kelinswriter: “Hello, young lady.” The Colonel is always so formal with younger women. I can’t decide if that’s his military background or just a fundamental chivalry. Either way, it’s both patronizing and endearing.

Will he make the same mistakes he did with Gina and Owen?

Kelinswriter: “I make good coffee.” Because caffeine is so good for people who are recovering from a stroke.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz009

Jake is walking past his sister’s (presumably) when he sees Lara sneak out and throw away vodka bottles in the neighbors’ trash. Oh Lara. I believed in you.

Kelinswriter: Three weeks sober, my ass. Oh wait, I said that already.

Kelinswriter: Jake is such a skeeve. I can’t believe he and Ani are from the same gene pool.

Gina cries. Ani can’t help herself. She goes to hold Gina. This is where she’s always been at her best. Their best. When Gina lets her in.

Kelinswriter: Gina’s just aching so badly right now. It hurts to watch. At least Ani, her FRIEND, is there to comfort her.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz010

The end of this episode. Now, don’t expect this kind of fan service all the time, but since I got to try out my gif-maker, I giffed this moment.

That’s all until next week!

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Anyone going to the big shindig this weekend?

Kelinswriter: *raises hand* Me.

2 comments on “Recap: Season 4, Episode 2

  1. Cheers again, gals!
    Yeahhhh, Lara and sober not really together. Jamie should know better.

    Gina & Beacon-Assistant Ani. LOL. My guess is that Alan is trying to position Logan in as Gina’s assistant. That’s going to go over SO well. Ani, you might want to get in there first if you have a break between photography gigs. And how much do I want to know if you hung on to your Gina-collection of photos in your portfolio. And Gina letting Ani in to her life in bits and pieces, especially the final scene hug from behind was just fantastic and sad.

    Alan & Jake skeeviness. This is not going to end well.

    Guya & Katherine – so many levels of duplicity going around such a fun scene.

    Richard & John. Okay, John, you should not have done that, but how much did I love the Lewis bros back together again. Played so much better than with Reckell as Richard for these scenes. The working chemistry btw Robert Newman and Jordan Clark here is fabulous. Sigh.

  2. well done! keep going. thanks! by