Recap: Season 3, Episode 12

Welcome to the twelfth recap of Venice the Series: Season 3 with Kelinswriter (@jessiewolf), Jaina (@Jaina47) and myself (@Ryslerfic).

It’s the season finale! The word for the day appears to be “holy shit!”

Rysler: We never say anywhere that the music is SPECTACULAR.
Kelinswriter: Well then say it!

So. Owen’s on his date with Adrienne. It’s going well, but they’re both aware they’re just playing at dating. Funsies.

Kelinswriter: Adrienne is actually kind of head over heels over Owen. It’s very cute.

Van arrives with Sami. Surprise! Owen’s there! How coincidental. He taunts Sami. (Jaina: I have this mental image of Sami trying to be the mature one and Van as the little devil on her shoulder.)

Jaina: Van is such an evil, evil ass. I mean, he’s setting up Sami to get spooked by Owen and then consoling her with a “fuck him”. If we needed confirmation that he doesn’t have a heart, this emotional toying would be it. Because the truth is he doesn’t really give a crap about Sami here. It’s all about how much this makes Owen squirm. Nice move, dude. Niiiiiiiice move.

Kelinswriter: Van’s story about how he called out his ex in public confirms that he is the douchiest douchebag that ever did douche.

Jaina: But he is funny as hell while being evil. Awesome.

Since Sami wants to talk to Owen anyway, she strides over.

Kelinswriter: Sami is so all over the place when Van goads her into going up to Owen. Her energy is so off for actually being wound up enough to scream at Owen. Nice of her to try and be the bigger person and act like an adult, and…oh who am I kidding. This is not going to end well and we all know it.

Owen’s unfailingly gentlemanly and disarms Sami. She didn’t really have the heart for it anyway.

Jaina: The slide of expression from “I’m so happy” to “Oh shit” on Van’s face is also hilarious and awesome.

Sami does at one moment call Adrienne a tramp. Adrienne sees it, and is afraid. There’s con artist, and then there’s rage.

Jaina: I completely get Sami’s letting it go by the time she gets over to Owen. It’s really Van that’s getting her riled up. But her sudden jerk back to that tramp, seems a little sudden. Or is it just me? I mean, I get that she’s pissed and deservedly so. I dunno. It just seemed weird.

Kelinswriter: I find myself really feeling for Adrienne here. Maybe it’s just that I feel like there’s a lot of early Olivia Spencer in her character – the woman who is at the crossroads of deciding if she’s good or bad, but will always be a little of both – but I just want things to turn out all right for her and for her to find a way out of the corner everyone has backed her into. Which means, of course, that I ultimately feel like she’s too good for Owen, because inevitably he’s going to cheat on her.

Jaina: Owen seems puzzled by the whole Sami thing too. He doesn’t get her angle and…he’s supposed to be the broken confused one here, not her. That would be a false assumption it seems.

Kelinswriter: Oh, Sami, you are such a mess.*pats crazy girl*

Lara’s drinking.

Jaina: Water or…not water? Yup, that would be not!water.

Lara still has the letter.

Jaina: Hmm, I’m a little curious what in particular has Lara tripping about the letter right at that particular point. Is it Sami’s flirting that’s made her doubt Ani? Lara’s doubts about herself? Or was it just such an awesome letter that it’s gotten under her skin? I mean I can see that.

She knows it’s wrong not to give it to Ani. “It’s just a letter.” She knows it will be wrong to burn it. The war rages across her countenance. She struggles to both burn and be at peace.

Jaina: But Dear Lara…it’s only just a letter if you THROW IT AWAY. Dude. Don’t keep keeping that shit…Oh holy shit! I mean, you didn’t have to go and take my advice. I was just saying! Geez!

Kelinswriter: What set you off, Lara? Last we saw you were happily buzzed and flirting with Sami. Which may be all it took if you kept drinking when you came home. (God I hate myopic drunken passive-aggressive bullshit.) That being said, this scene is stunning, and may be Nadia’s best performance all season. Lara is so desperate and so empty – she’s not even close to being properly in recovery. She’s still externalizing her own issues, putting them on other people. The letter’s not the problem in your relationship, Lara. You are.

Jaina: All I gotta say is if Ani gets something off that letter now that’s gonna be some walk-on-water, miracle shit right there.

Michele and Ani are still besties. They are on the rooftop bar. It’s wonderful to see Ani, isn’t it? A ray of light. She’s trying to calm Michele down, but Michele isn’t having it. What’s worse than Gina losing her company? Apparently having a daughter? Ani doesn’t want to spill the secret. She splits a Snickers bar with Michele. They eat, and breathe, and contemplate the vista around them.

Jaina: Hee. I love Ani calming down Michele. That is equally hilarious. And sounds like Ani has had that particular panic attack a couple of times herself. I can’t remember but I think we had this talk last season about how Ani was growing into her own professional role with the gallery in a way that Lara and Gina kind of already had. It’s nice to see the continuity here with her returning that favor now for Michele. Of course if it was Gina doing the shepherding I’m pretty sure it would have involved tequila and not chocolate.

They’re so fucked.

Kelinswriter: What a fantastic, funny, wonderful scene. The next time I’m having a panic attack, I really want Ani to come over and ply me with Snickers. Ani’s little “Cheers” may be the most adorable thing ever.

Gina calls Richard and leaves him a voice mail. I cry.

Kelinswriter: “Have you been kind to your Mother Earth today?” Richard, you are the most adorable dork. Love it.

Jaina: Oh, Richard’s voicemail message! Fucking awesome. “Have you been kind to your mother earth today?” It’s probably so wrong that I laughed.

Kelinswriter: Someone needs to feed Gina Snickers too. She’s so sad, and just flat done in. Boy, this season has been so hard on her. Here she thought she was getting a fresh start and she ended up taking fire from all sides.

Jaina: Gina has got problems with a capitol P though. I don’t think the woman’s caught a break all season. Except for maybe with the work stuff. She’s screwed with Richard, screwed with Ani (not in the good way) and odds are very good she’s screwed with the Colonel too when she tells him. Woman cannot catch a break.

Meanwhile, even Stella has had a bad day. It was hard to watch this scene because I’d just read One Town’s War on Gay Teens and Stella’s grief over her son just reminds me of how much is left to do.

She’s ashamed. The Colonel, bless his soul, has no idea why she should be.

Jaina: I…have no words for the Colonel. Look how far he’s come from Season 1. It’s um…I’m a little shocked. But I mean, that’s the Colonel right? At the same time, nothing’s really changed has it? I can still see the roots of that same stubborn old guy.

Kelinswriter: Stella’s such a good mom. She loves her kid so much. And the Colonel has become a wonderful friend to her. Can you imagine, 12 episodes ago, a scene like this taking place? I think that’s what I love the most about soaps – that like real life, they are about baby steps and small moments building into a distinct change in relationships or situations. They trace the journey.

Van didn’t get the lols he wanted, so he confronts Adrienne as she’s presumably doing the walk of shame from Owen’s after a great night. He always knows where to find her, doesn’t he?

Jaina: “Are we not a morning person either?” This. This is why I love Van. Because he’s such a shit stirring little asshole. But he has a sense of humor. I can’t help it. I love to hate him. Go be evil some more and cause senseless crap, Van!

Adrienne’s not terribly interested. He’s cool. He put things in motion. He’s so sinister about it. How do you fight Van? In two seasons, no one’s had a defense against this conniving.

He reminds Adrienne that Owen wants Sami, and Sami wants Owen. But she has no idea what Van has put into motion.

Kelinswriter: Van, this anarchist thing is kinda sexy when you’re playing a video game. Not so much when you’re playing games with people’s lives. So…Adrienne is picking up on the Sami!Crazy? I like this girl more and more. And that last look she gives Van is chilling…I get the feeling this is someone you simply do not mess with.

Jaina: It’s interesting that Adrienne is catching what Van didn’t hear. That Sami’s got a screw loose or something. She would be the one to know though, right? Reading people would be a very important skill in her former line of work.

Stella is torturing the Colonel. And suggesting he be nice to his children.

Jaina: “She seems a lot like you.” “I’m not sure how to take that.” Heeeeee. Oh, Colonel. I love how even with that he’s practically echoing Gina’s comments to Guya. Except Gina totally knew how to take that.


Colonel: “Me?”
Stella: PAIN.
Colonel: “Absolutely! Does now work?”

Kelinswriter: Stella’s ability to blackmail the Colonel by inflicting pain in the name of physical therapy is just the shock collar the old SOB needs. I find it interesting that she’s quietly doing some emotional therapy along with the physical rehab. That is a very holistic approach to his recovery. Makes me like her even more.

Jaina: Awesome! Stella is totally reeducating him with this therapy. Rock on, Stella!

Ani, trash searcher extraordinaire, is distracted by a love note from Lara telling her to dress fancy. She tosses the ashes of Gina’s letter into the trash. She brushes off her hands. Poor Ani. Argh.

Kelinswriter: Okay, first…I gotta say it. Ani, you need some new kitchen curtains. I mean, seriously. Now that that’s out of the way, the amount of flaily anticipation I felt when I saw Ani walking past those windows was ridiculous. So for her to find the remnants of the letter, glance at them casually, and throw them away….the viewer in me says “Shit fuck shit shit shit fuck shit.” The writer in me is flailing over what a clever undercutting that is of my expectations for a payoff. Kudos Crystal, Leslie, Erika, and Jill. I bow down to your fearlessness.

(Rysler: Totally agree about the curtains.)

Gina shows up at the Colonel’s to tell him about her daughter. The only task more monumental than saving her company. She faces it head on. But he’s not there. Stella’s there to give her a gift–The Colonel has gone to see Owen.

Kelinswriter: “He figured it was time for a father/son visit.” Yeah, right, Stella.

Jaina: Oh! I love how Gina’s immediately scared shitless that the Colonel went to see Owen. Who died? Did he have a car accident? And it’s awesome how Gina is onto Stella’s influence right away. I wish we’d got to see even more of them this semester. These two are awesome. I love Gina’s vulnerability when she tells Stella she needs some girl talk. I think this is the most vulnerable that we’ve ever seen her be with anyone besides Ani. She’s relaxed with Guya and Owen, but she still deflects everything. She doesn’t let them quite all the way in. Even if it’s just because she wants to shelter them.

Gina offers Stella a drink. Who would have the power to refuse?

Kelinswriter: Stella is still so in love, it just breaks your heart. And you can see Gina responding to it, feeling that grief as if it were her own, because in a way, it is. Are they…?

Sami’s in her apartment, in pain over Owen. Conflicted. Suffering. Trying to choose the path of her. We’ve seen this before. We know–er. Holy heck.

Kelinswriter: Why the hell is Sami talking about high school? Sami is not in high school, she’s a grown ass woman, who the hell talks about…oh. Oh oh oh oh oh. OMG. Everything about how all over the place she’s been all season just snapped into place. She’s not crazy. She CRAZY. Please tell me her alter is named Tami. Or Cami. Mami?

Jaina: Sami…of the multiple personalities? Someone hold me, because I’m a little scared right now. Holy shit, Sami. No one give that girl any rat poison. Or a blunt instrument.

So Gina is drinking with Stella, and because Stella is a mother, tells her secret. The secret she’s only told Ani. That only Ani and Richard know. Stella accepts it with the same grace she accepted the Colonel. And with doe eyes.

“Thanks for not judging me,” Gina says. Even Ani couldn’t give her that. In return, she offers a kiss.

Jaina: I…um…I…I did not see that coming. Holy shit. I loved that little progression though and the way that Gina got that look in her eye as realization began to dawn. And they’re both not quite sure how to deal with what did happen.

Kelinswriter: Gina has spent a lot of this season talking out the sins of her past with the people she trusts – Richard, Guya, Ani, and now Stella. This whole season, the balls to the wall Gina we’ve gotten used to has been taking a backseat to this vulnerable, almost childlike person (there’s that child word again) who is just trying to figure things out. Is it possible she’s actually starting to grow….oh…okay she just made a pass at someone who is recently widowed. So yeah, they are. Uh…Gina? Don’t you dare fuck this up.

A young woman asks if Richard is Richard. He stands. He takes off his hat. He sees. The girl looks just like Gina. It’s devastatingly uncanny. Richard can see it. It’s all over his face, how much and how instantly he knows this is his daughter. There’s no cathartic embrace, there’s no sign of where this storyline might lead. There’s only Richard’s radiant smile.

Kelinswriter: There are very specific, very not about THIS show reasons why I love this scene. Putting that aside, Molly Burnett’s introduction to the show blew me away. The simplicity and fragility with which she said “I think you’re my dad” – absolutely brilliant. And the way they grin at each other? You could see a giant burden lift off of Richard’s shoulders. I can’t wait to see these two get to know each other.

Jaina: Er, unnamed daughter of Richard and Gina, I loved her vulnerability as she comes up to him and it makes me wonder what she’s been through too. Why she’s looking for him. I can’t even imagine going up to have that conversation with someone but it still seems like more than just that to me.

Guya, having saved the world, is luxuriously sunbathing. She’s happy again and I’m happy for her.

Katie though, gots problems. She confesses that Owen might be “Tubby”‘s son.

Kelinswriter: For the record, I called the Owen thing last week. I have witnesses and everything.

Jaina: Dude, Kelinswriter, you totally called that. I can’t believe it. I gotta admit I was a little skeptical, but holy shit! I bow before your deductive powers! She so totally did it with Tubby!

Guya flips out all over her. Her idol (dead, martyred, revered for 20 years, remember) has sinned. She can’t quite process. But throughout, they’re sisterly and hilarious.

“Oh my fucking lord, I need to sit down.”
“You are sitting down.”
“Then I need a drink.”

Jaina: This dialogue is awesomely hilarious. This whole conversation from the very beginning where Guya’s wondering about the sun and where Katie had gotten off to yesterday is priceless. The argument just ramps up the awesome more and more with every volley. So great.

Kelinswriter: Bitchy sisters catfighting ftw!!! I think “It was just a few times” might be my favorite line of this episode. Can Liz and Hillary have their own spinoff where they do nothing but fight with each other?

Jaina: “It was just a few times!” LOL, because that makes it all better! Like four is okay, but ten, nuh-uh, waaaaaay too many.

I admit, I smile seeing Lara’s set-up. It’s beautiful and romantic. Lara’s giving her all. I’m happy for a split-second. But Lara’s not. There’s desperation in her speech. She sees her future with Ani. Sami showed her another way, but it wasn’t Lara’s way. She’s never been a cheat. Gina’s the cheat. Gina of the letter. Lara’s different. Lara chose Ani when Gina didn’t. Lara’s better.

Jaina: I…um…holy shit. That seems to be my word of the episode. Or phrase. But wow, that was gorgeous. You gotta admit Lara went all out for the setup. I dunno. Here’s the thing. Lara’a saying all the right things, but her actions don’t match her words. Maybe she even has good intentions for all those things, but they’re not gonna work and they haven’t been. She’s trying to patch things up with a giant bandaid. Only she’s not calling it a bandaid. She’s calling it…something awesome, a step up from where they were. Not a last ditch effort to cling onto something that’s she’s been afraid of losing from day one.

Kelinswriter: Aww, this is sweet and romantic and beautiful and it makes me twitch. (Also how the hell did Lara get sober that fast? Cuz she drank half that bottle during the letter burning scene and she was already drunk off her ass.) You really think you’re going to fix things by rushing into an engagement, Lara?

Ani cries.

Kelinswriter: What I paid attention to more than Lara’s words was the look on Ani’s face. She wants the fairy tale so much – she wants to believe that someone can love her so completely that they’d give her the grand gesture. But as overwhelmed as she is, I get the feeling there’s some trepidation over the fact that it might be too soon or too early in Lara’s “recovery.” And you might notice, we didn’t actually get Ani’s answer.

Has Ani ever lied to Lara? Will she start?

The Colonel is bringing Owen beer. But it’s Sami at Owen’s door. She demands Owen let her in. He’s confused.

Jaina: Maybe Evil!Sami is a vampire and that’s why she needs the invite over the threshold? I’m just speculating here. (This is where I start wondering if Sami’s gonna murder him and the Colonel’s gonna come in with his beer to find him bleeding out or something.)

Kelinswriter: I love the crosscutting here between the Colonel and the apartment. It creates a wonderful sense of tension. I keep expecting the Colonel to get mugged or collapse in the elevator.

Sami declares her love. Owen offers her some wine.

Kelinswriter: Owen is so thrown by Sami’s sudden arrival at his door. I think he’s genuinely torn because he doesn’t want to hurt Sami, but it seems like he thinks Adrienne is a better fit for him. “You want some wine” feels like, “Let’s sit down and have a proper conversation about why we’re breaking up.”

Sami knows it’s rejection. She looks at herself in the mirror. The courage she couldn’t find in the bar has finally come to her.

Kelinswriter: Sami’s Black Swan moment in the mirror is stunning. I really feel the fight going on within her, but it doesn’t feel over the top. And I love that Owen is rambling on the entire time, totally oblivious. I feel horrible for him, but at the same time, turning your back on the pissed off kinda crazy acting girlfriend is maybe not your smartest move, O.

Jaina: …and I was right! Evil!Sami is evil! Really, really. I’m kinda glad she went with the scissors though. I feel they’re so underused these days. Holy crap. Gina so no longer wins at crazy exes. Like, not at all.

Rysler: I totally thought she had a gun in her purse.

All season long we’ve watched this show grow into a soap opera. Child given up at birth. Love quadrangle. Infidelity. And we’ve said it echoes Season 1. The beach of sadness. Gina’s moral turpitude. And then the cliffhanger. A body. A Colonel. A panicked phone call.

It’s Owen, sprawled on the floor, because Sami has stabbed the shit out of him.


Jaina: And Van! Adrienne warned him, but apparently he had no idea that Sami was this straight up coo-coo. I kind of want Sami to come for him next. Or something. But I bet even he didn’t expect this to get this twisty. And poor Gina. She can so say “I told you so” about Sami though.

Kelinswriter: Oh God, poor Colonel. For the first time, I genuinely believe that he loves Owen. And Gina is going to go to war over this. Poor, fucked up Brognos are once again having a really fucked up day. (PS Raise your hand if you think this is going to get pinned on Adrienne.)

Jaina: Have I mentioned how much I love this symmetry? In the first season it was the Colonel falling out and Gina saving him. This time it’s reversed with Owen falling out and the Colonel coming in to find it. I cannot wait to see what happens. And see what Ani says to that damn proposal! (Please say no. Please say no. Please? No? šŸ™ )

And that’s our season, folks. The credits roll.

Kelinswriter: Thank you, Venice, for that tribute to Molly’s mom, Katie Burnett. I’m having a hard time putting into words how important this extended family has become to so many of us. But it has, and I for one am grateful.

13 comments on “Recap: Season 3, Episode 12

  1. gayparis on said:

    I thought all the demons of each character came out to play today. Booze for Lara, eating for Ani…
    Can someone please explain the Gina/Stella kiss to me. I’m still cogitating on it and have no conclusions…

    I’m going to miss you all, I think I might have to re-read all the recaps!

    Thanks for a great season.

    • kelltwomyn on said:

      It just seemed to me that Gina’s old habits were coming into play…but they just aren’t working for her, are they? After the kiss…awkward!

      She usually uses sex as…well, everything…armor, escape, control..she’s good at seduction and good at sex…she can block out all the bad noise and concentrate on the moment.

      That’s my take, anyway.

  2. kelltwomyn on said:

    That was a beautiful tribute to Molly’s mom.

    Lots of cliffhanging in this episode! The weirdness of Sami has now been explained to a point..she is crazy! I wonder who she’ll go after now…and yes, Jaina, scissors just aren’t used enough, LMAO.

    Ani’s expression during the proposal was one of heartbreak…wrong person asking that question..and the person doing it was waaay too desperate!

    What is so wonderful about this show are the conversations without words…Gina and Stella, Ani and Lara, Sami and Adrienne, Guya and Katie..and on and on…wonderful actors who have an opportunity to ACT. Kudos and more to Crystal and the VTeam for creating this opportunity. I am _so_ appreciative of this show.

    Thank you ladies, for some positive and respectful feedback. Looking forward to reading your thoughts during V4!

  3. I’m still at the holy fuck! *flails* stage. ‘Cause wow. WOW! *flails*

    But. I can NOT wait to see how Van reacts to Owen being stabbed. Dude is the evilest evil that ever eviled, but…perhaps not this evil. Plus, dude is all about controlling people with his manipulations, and Sami has just spun waaaaaaaay out of his control.
    As for Sami, other than all the shits! OMGs! and flailing, I’m just really sad. S2 Sami was all about trying to get Owen to reconnect with his father and…it just makes me sad. I kinda mourn her, ya know?

    Ani needs to run. Run like the wind! I’m really, really, REALLY hoping she says no.
    And grand romantic gestures that show your love? Aaawwww!
    Grand romantic gestures that put the person you supposedly love on the spot and almost force them into a yes, because you know they don’t want to hurt you? Grrrr!

    Hmm, Iā€™m a little curious what in particular has Lara tripping about the letter right at that particular point.
    She was tempted by Sami. And she, Lara, is supposed to be better than Gina and better does NOT get tempted by a chick at a bar. But she was tempted, soooo, tailspin ensues.
    Which feeds into the proposal.
    1)Ani will immediately (and visually with a ring) be marked as HERS. Not Gina’s, but HERS.
    2)I think Lara honestly believes, or has at least convinced herself, that if Ani is wearing that ring, then LARA wont be tempted by chicks at bars. And she can again be the better one, the anti-Gina.

    Guya and Katie = AWESOME!!! I have no witnesses to my belief that Katie probably had some sexy hijinks with this Tubby dude, but it seemed the logical conclusion to her reaction at the end of last episode.
    BUT. I really did not take that to the obvious conclusion of baby daddy confusion. Probably because I was guessing the hijinks was closer to accident time, rather than years before that.

    Which reminded me of the letter. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that Crystal and Co will take soap tropes (like the letter, and kid drama, etc.) and then just turn it on it’s head and take it in a direction that is totally unexpected.
    Lara hung on to the letter all season and then BURNED IT! ANI WILL NEVER SEE IT! HOLY FUCK! *flails* HOLY UNEXPECTED HIJINKS, BATMAN! I love it. šŸ˜€
    So. Soap trope of baby daddy confusion – where the hell is Vteam gonna take that? Because there’s unexpected twist coming, and I cannot wait to find out what that is going to be.

    Oh. And Molly Burnett. I’m so glad she’s joining the series. I like this drama. I like the tailspin it puts Gina in, I can’t wait to see how it tailspins the people in her life and how the deal with it.
    And damn it, I just love seeing Molly on my screen again. She’s grown so, so much as an actress. I believed her as Carly’s daughter, and even in this brief clip, I believe her as Gina’s daughter.
    Plus, scene was just beautiful. I’m looking forward to them getting to know each other.

  4. The finale was pretty good. I wish there was more Ani. I wish we had gotten a Gina/Ani scene. I did enjoy the Lara and Ani scene. It was a beautiful scene and a romantic proposal. Lara is a royal screw up but I do believe that she loves Ani with all of her heart. I think Ani loves Lara too. I just think Ani loves her differently than she loves Gina. It is very possible for a person to be in love with two people at the same time. I think Ani is one of those people. I hope the Gina/Ani/Lara love triangle is the A story in season 4 of Venice. If Ani says no to the proposal then there is no drama or angst to be found which is very boring. I hope Ani says yes to Lara’s proposal because it sets up plenty of drama, angst, conflict, romance, and story for Ani, Lara, and Gina which Venice desperately needs. A Gina and Ani reunion needs lots of build up which we have not gotten in V3 due to other stories taking precedence. They can’t just be rushed together next season. The story needs to be well told and we need to see their journey. We need to see all of the Gina/Ani/Lara journey in V4. I could seriously do without Sami, Van, Adrienne, and Owen.

  5. Annihilator on said:

    I don’t think Sami had anything at all to do with the reason Lara asked Ani to marry her. I think GINA and the intense contents of her love letter to Ani did. All season Gina’s love letter to Ani has been eating away at Lara’s insecurities. She knows that Gina is still a real threat to her happiness and future with Ani. I think Lara loves Ani and wants to be with her. I also think Lara is very possessive and needy towards Ani. I think in Lara’s mind she proposed to Ani because of love and in order to mark her territory. She wants Gina and the world to know that she loves Ani. She thinks marrying Ani will negate Gina as a threat and make Ani hers forever. I’m sure Ani will give Lara a yes to the proposal. And that is when the excitement begins in season 4 of Venice.

  6. Cleoslater on said:

    I enjoyed this season but admit I fast forwarded thru key scenes. The good – Guya/Katie. I did not see Katie cheating coming. Brilliant work by HBS and Liz Kiefer. Hillary hands down gave the best performance this year and deserves any awards coming her way. She was in a league of her own. Owen getting stabbed was karma and psycho Sami was over the top yet entertaining. Love that The Colonel found him. Loved the brief Richard and daughter scene. Fantastic work by Molly and Peter. This is a story I want to see play out next season. Total class act for dedicating the ep to Molly’s Mom on Crystal’s part. The FF moments – Stella and Gina. Not interested in Stella. I know why she was cast but the actress does nothing for me. I never saw the kiss and did not want to. I totally cop to being superficial. I do find it funny that ppl keep saying it made them cringe. I think Stella is a nod to all the tweeters saying will Venice expand its view of lesbians. So I have to chuckle at those same tweeters saying they cringed or do not know what to make of it. Glad that superficiality is something we all have in common. Lara is only interesting when she is drunk and a schemer. The scene was good but if she was gonna burn the letter you would think she would have done it before now? And poor Ani. She will say yes. I saw tweets that there was a proposal and fast forwarded that scene. I do not care about this couple and never did from the beginning. Lara always came across as just trying to get into Ani’s panties and Ani just came across as needy. I lost interest in the Ani character after she took the wall slam and slept with Lara that same night. It is hard to be interested in this relationship. Overall the writing this season got even better but some storylines may need to end. I can understand the frustration of GiAni fans especially since it is such a long break between seasons. I am glad I enjoy the show for characters other than Gina and Ani. Thanks for the recaps ladies. Until Season 4.

    • kelltwomyn on said:

      LOL it is interesting that some tweeters cringed at the kiss btwn Gina & Stella. I want to watch it again w/o thinking of CRYSTAL & DOT. I liked Stella; she was a voice of reason.

  7. What awonderful recaps as alway’s, LMAO.I hope one day that Vteam will hired you guy’s on their writting team.

    Really love the finale so much surprises and so much answers we want to know. it takes a lot of guts to do something like this and Vteam took the risk awesome. Now about Van alway’s finding Adrienne that was so funny what you said, one thing that came to my mind was she has a chip in her that Van can track her. I have a feeling that Ani is gonna say yes to Lara, I think Lara & Ani wants to be together for the wrong reason. Both has a certain void in their lives. The Katie secret really surprised me, the kiss that Gina & Stela shared was just a friendly kiss nothing romanticly, it was a way Gina thanked her for listening to her and not judging her etc.
    Sami crazy act was whow something that I didn’t see coming. Hope we don’t have to wait till november again to get S4 can’t wait to see what will take place next.

    Thank you ladies for your time and energy for writting all the recaps so love your vision.

    Big hug,

  8. I’ll miss your recaps-perhaps you want to do one more of the entire season?

    CC tweeted that although the letter has been burned, either some part of it will reappear or something about it will reappear in S4. I look forward to it. She also mentioned Justin was on her wish list for Tubby.

    My random question for next season-Will Owen need a transfusion and Guya have to “help” match blood types? Also, after all the down with Brogno talk, does anyone think that Lara will realize it was probably Sami but she can’t tell anyone about it because Sami’s her drinking buddy/potential hook up?

  9. Hiya. Loved the recap as always. So much going on this season. Quite a few OMFH moments in this final ep with lots of twists and turns to continue on to next season.

    My thoughts on the season as a whole are here:

  10. aimlessny on said:

    Memo to Gina: Friends are people you don’t fuck – literally or figuratively.

    Ani, I’m sure you have a spice drawer in that house. You know what to do.

  11. Hey ladies! Thanks for allowing me to add my 22 cents to these excellent recaps. The show overall was highly entertaining and your back and forth was the whipped cream on the hot fudge sundae. I have to say, that I was initially put off a bit by Michelle’s betrayal, for lack of a better word, of Gina in the workplace. I was however extremely pleased to see Gina end the farce before it even began and gave her assistant exactly what she wanted…and then some. Gotta say, I thoroughly enjoyed Michelle’s “I don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies” moments in later episodes. Be careful what you wish for young grasshopper, cause you just might get it. And is it me, or did Alan fall out of love with those designs quicker than a fart in the wind? Man was he all kinds of pissy after that. I was just waiting for the eye rolling to begin.

    Glad to see AA has an excellerated program. Apparently, you can bypass sobriety entirely, hang out in a bar with the local ‘Sybil’, and drink off your ass…provided you don’t get smashed, go home and smack they shit out of your girlfriend. Otherwise, anything goes. Part of me is pissed at Ani for not expecting more from her girl. She was too quick to shoulder some of the blame for their issues and is just so tragically co-dependant. Lara will never get right as long as she’s with Ani because Ani just doesn’t require it of her. I loved those first few exchanges where they just kept saying that they’re trying to make it work, or something to that effect. Neither realizing that you shouldn’t have to work that damn hard so early in a relationship. Hell, if it’s this shaky now, how’s it going to be when they’re married? And she will say yes to that retread proposal. Lara completely pilfered a page out of Frank Cooper’s ‘How to turn a soon to be ex into a fiance in one easy, awkward ass proposal’. I’m sure Ani, feeling like Lara’s ficiticious sobriety is in her hands, will say a sad, sad yes. Of course, I’m up for a surprise.

    Speaking of surprise, how surprised were we that Sami went all psycho Sybil on Owen? I’d like to say I didn’t hear the theme from Psycho in my head when she walked in the door, but that would be a lie. It’s just so unfortunate that Owen was standing in front of the mirror in his foyer clipping coupons just before crazy rang the bell. Maybe they would have just cuddled and gulped vino instead. We’ll never know. I’m wondering if this bloodshed is a clever soap staple intended to disclose the incompatibility of father and son’s blood. Should be interesting.

    Gotta say, I laughed ridiculously hard at that funeral scene and everything that surrounded the ‘dead ho that wouldn’t die’ storyline. If ever there was a need for an open bar at a funeral, that most definitely was it. It’s even more hilarious that the rocket scientist boyfriend gave Jamie a really serious pep talk just so he could go out and sing about “getting paid to get laid”. A stroke of comedic genius in my opinion and greatly appreciated when I needed a laugh the most.

    Love the long lost daughter angle. Hope Gina will step up and be a little less selfish/self-depricating about her and give them both a chance to have a relationship. Richard really is a good good man because Gina kinda deserved an Ani style introduction to Lara’s wall painting after keeping him in the dark about his kid her whole life. Looking forward to seeing if the girl even wants to know Gina.

    Guya is love. Nuff said. Thanks for indulging me ladies. I will try to keep up next season. I know I can…fourth time is the charm šŸ˜‰