Recap: Season 3, Episode 6

Save Fraternity Row!

Meanwhile in Venice.

Welcome to the sixth recap of Venice the Series: Season 3 with Kelinswriter (@jessiewolf), Jaina (@Jaina47) and myself (@Ryslerfic).

Welcome to the best episode since last week. Man.

Every episode so far has had some sort of payoff. Plot-wise, I mean. Not fan-service wise. Amber knows Guya knows Gina knows about Candy Amber’s death! Owen knows Sami knows about Adrienne!

Soapy drama goodness. Even if the theme of this episode is Ani’s Saddest Day. At least for me. You know an episode’s good when you and your fellow recappers don’t even know what to shout about first.

We open on my–I mean, the Colonel’s kitchen, where Gina drops that Richard knows she ghey.

Jaina: That the Colonel’s house has become Gina’s shelter…more or less. Just wow. That’s such a departure from Season 1. It’s what she knows; she knows how to deal with that. Losing Ani, losing her security with her job, the usual foundation of her confidence, now that’s hard.

Kelinswriter: How adorable is this? Gina coming over to hang out with the Colonel in her power suit before she goes off to work. They’re so companionable in their own combative way. It’s almost like they’re war buddies.

The Colonel is amused by Richard’s existence. He’s like, “Sooo Richard’s cooool–”

(Kelinswriter: Note to Venice creative team – there is no phrase this fandom abhors more than “a good man.”)

Gina don’t hear that noise.

Kelinswriter: I love how Gina stabs that “maybe” in the heart before it even gets fully out of the Colonel’s mouth. It’s like electroshock therapy – sooner or later it’s going to take.

Outside is Stella. Stella fucking breaks my heart. She’s living in quiet, mourning agony because her partner’s dead and she’s got a son to raise. Gina’s ready to buy her a house to not see that stricken expression. I want to watch again.

“Except in math.” Dot Jones can make me tear up at “Except in math.”

Kelinswriter: I really like this easy friendship that’s burgeoning between these two. Gina needs a friend who hasn’t hidden a body or undermined her at work or gotten herself beaten up by her alcoholic girlfriend or seen visions of her dead mother. It’s such a beautiful moment when Stella’s voice softens and she explains that she’s recently lost her partner and is a single mom (while outing herself at the same instant). No bluster, no drama – just the quiet simplicity of revealing the enormous burden this tough as nails nurse has been carrying on her shoulders. Gina’s instant response is perfect – she gets it, right away she gets it. And then there’s this marvelous moment where you can see her process what it would be like to lose someone you love so dearly, with a second layer of what it was like for her as a kid to be raised by a grieving parent. What a gorgeous little suckerpunch of angst.

Jaina: Aww, that’s…Stella’s backstory is really sad. I wanna give her a hug now. I liked the way that she and Gina have gone from verbal sparring to actual relating. Sometimes people in life just sneak up on you like that. Like the Colonel maybe? It could be a theme. Oh, and I like Crystal Chappell in white suits.

Rysler: If she and Liz ever have a scene together, my computer might catch on fire.

Meanwhile, Sad Ani is eating breakfast.

Jaina: Ani trying to talk herself into her breakfast is just about the saddest thing. Not in the same way as Stella’s backstory or my ragey reaction to any scene with Ani and Lara, but it’s just depressing. And easy to relate to. Sad. Did I mention sad? It almost looks like the Colonel’s sad, sad breakfast.

Ani would like to have a muffin, but no, she has a banana.

Kelinswriter: Banana nasty mushy fruit nasty ew ew ew. I wouldn’t eat it either, Ani!

Is there anything better than Jessica Leccia alone on screen? If so, it’s Jessica Leccia being bitchily self-deprecating. Her hair is exceptional, but she is disgusted. She calls her brother Jake, who is drinking rum even though he’s not in Venice. He teases her incessantly and she takes it all too personally. I don’t have siblings, but this is how I imagine them.

Kelinswriter: Okay, if Ani is eating breakfast, then even if Jake’s in another timezone, he’s drinking at, say, eleven. Maybe noon. This explains an awful lot about what Ani is willing to tolerate and why. Also, Jake is a flaming dick. Hanging up on people like that is really effective, Ani. You should try it.

Jaina: I thought Lara’s family was the one full of alcoholics? Because Jake sure looks fully loaded and if Ani’s yummy, yummy meal is any indication it’s breakfast. The immediate cake snark towards Ani also makes me sad. I don’t think he’s being malicious necessarily, but some shit just stops being funny after a while when people keep getting shit about it and I do believe Ani has reached her limit. I wonder if later in the season we’ll finally get to see Ani just lose it and blow her top. But something tells me that’s not the kind of person she is. She’ll just keep directing her anger inwards and letting her eat at her and eat at her until it’s just consuming her inside and no one even knows. Poor fucking Ani.

He asks why the hell she’s still with “that moody writer.”

She just is.


Kelinswriter: How much of a loser is Jake that he’s sharing his sister’s photos with his acupuncturist? Unless…is that some sort of straight asshole code for something sexual?
Rysler: Whatever it is, it’s an expression of lifestyle.
Kelinswriter: It’s so sweet how Ani lights up at the compliment. She so wants this call to not be ugly. I get the feeling most of them are and that they leave her feeling way worse than when she started. It’s like when she picks up the phone, she’s ripping off a band aid just to get it over with, only by the time she finishes the call she’s bleeding again.
Jaina: Maybe I’m reading too much into this but…Jake can’t tell Ani he thought her work was good? He had to relate to her his acupuncturist’s opinion. I mean, I could see if he said, hey sis, I thought these were awesome and my acupuncturist did too. But it’s like he can’t say anything nice he has to be all indirect about it. Dude, no wonder Ani’s got issues.

Ani gives up and eats a muffin. Jake rambles bleakly about how no one will love him. Er, Ani.

Jaina: Jake seems pretty sad and bitter himself. They’re both bundles full of cheer. So there’s that. But Ani? Having someone hold on to you with super glue fingers because they’re terrified that you’re gonna leave ’cause they hit you? That’s not quite the same as commitment. That’s desperation.

Kelinswriter: I am happy that I’ve taken such an instant dislike to this guy, because we needed another misanthrope in the mix now that the Colonel has been largely defanged. I do love that Jake is wise to Ani’s alpha obsession, though. Clearly, he has some history with her pattern.

We’ve bandied about a lot of theories about how Ani’s brothers have influenced her, and this seems on track.

Kelinswriter: Ani has “omg please don’t come visit I moved away for a REASON” face. I might be familiar.

Meanwhile, Lara has ordered the usual at Doom Tavern.

Kelinswriter: Who needs AA when you can sneak off to a bar in the middle of the day and knock one back when no one you know will see you? Yeah, that’s gonna work, Lara. Really it is.

Alternate Universe Willow is there and is all, why this bitch acting so weird. The awkward sizing-up is hilarious. They figure out they know each other.

Kelinswriter: Are they implying Sami was at High Bar during the infamous Gina Tracy Ani Lara scene of awkward? Cuz…not so much. It MUST have been at the beach volleyball picnic of awkward. (Anyone else sensing a theme here?)

Jaina: Heh. So there’s only two bars in Venice. Got it. …shouldn’t these two be a little more familiar with each other? That seemed like a pretty epic party they mutually attended. Though they might not have run into each other much. (Mind you if that’s a meta little nod, I love it.)

Lara, of course, does not want to be anywhere near a Brogno-relation of any sort. Sami feels that.

Jaina: I loved Lara’s little discreet, oh shit, busted in a bar, moving now, little maneuver.

Kelinswriter: Lara is intent on fleeing until she realizes she may have found a new drinking buddy. Then she’s all for it! And when she starts to really talk, we realize that Lara’s getting hit pretty hard by that drink. (Listen close; she’s slurring. That ain’t water, people.) Makes me wonder if it’s actually the first of the day.

Jaina: I’m so happy I can enjoy Nadia again for a minute because I’m not wanting to like ‘move Lara as far as humanly possible away from Ani’ in any given scene. I love the way she shifts from “Oh god is she gonna tell?” to slowly getting warmed up and relaxing. You can just see her face shift. It’s awesome. Fun!Lara is fun. She makes me feel so conflicty any time she’s on screen. I did love Lara’s, “Sorry…I guess?” Poor Owen’s getting snarked on by everyone. I mean, it’s a natural thing to say, when you’re not sure how you’re supposed to react to that kind of thing and covering all the bases, but it amused me. I’m easy.

They drink and toast together.

Kelinswriter: “Down with the Brognos” calls for some gratuitous Wicked pimpage.

Jaina: Aw, is this the Secret Society of Brogno revenge? I could get behind that – in an interesting plot development kind of way. Hell hath no fury and all that.

The world’s happiest couple discusses the Dead Hooker in the Funeral Home at the Rooftop. Guya confirms that the earring she found at the Colonel’s belonged to the corpse. Brandon Blue Shirt is on to her now. He’s just not sure what he’s on to.

Jaina: …does Brandon just own a billion blue shirts?

Kelinswriter: I enjoy Brandon’s constant smitten exasperation with Guya. I mean, that would have to be your default position when dating someone like Guya, as it’s a little like dating Lucy Ricardo. Also…I have this sneaking suspicion Brandon’s handcuffs get put to inappropriate uses on a fairly frequent basis.

Then they totally have sex right there.

Kelinswriter: Guya subtly choking on her martini is the best spit take I’ve seen in a while. She’s trying so hard to play it so cool. And OMG COULD THEY BE CUTER TOGETHER GUIZE?!

Jaina: I’m not sure what it says though that Brandon and Guya probably have the most functional relationship on this show beside Jamie and Drew. Dude. Guya just flits and flirts her way through this scene and it’s…woman should work for the CIA. She knows how to interrogate. I guess she saw the earrings in the picture that he had on the case file? I’m not sure how she’d connect that. I mean, I didn’t think she quite had, but that’s a very interesting connection. And as usual I love Guya and Brandon’s banter. They always seem comfortable together. Even when Guya’s chatting with his dead Ho.

Michele and Gina attempt to be at work. This moment is rich with adorable tension, awkwardness, and the playfulness of two actors who really enjoy working in the same frame. I could watch Michele stutter and Gina make obnoxious comments all day long.

Jaina: I feel for Michele here. Right, wrong, indifferent, she’s trying so hard to feel back in Gina’s good graces, earn some forgiveness and Gina is giving her absolutely nothing. That’s…hard.
Kelinswriter: AWKWARD. Michele, don’t say “Just doing my job.” It’s like jabbing a stick in the eye of the sleeping undermedicated tiger.

Alas, the phone rings. It’s Alan inviting Gina to a party.

Kelinswriter: Michele can’t help but soak up Alan’s praise – she’s really starting to believe in herself, and every scrap of it is like another tiny stab into Gina’s heart. It’s death by a thousand cuts with these two.

(Jaina: Giant booze shelves have been replaced by candles of sadness. I think I miss the booze.)

Gina insists Michele come too. If Michele wants to be a fucking designer, then Gina’s damn well going to make her one.

Jaina: Aw, damn it. Gina and Michele are making me all sad too ’cause Gina’s taking it personally. I mean, how can she not? But at the same time, I don’t think Michele planned on losing this friendship and it’s awkward and it hurts and if she’s gonna step over Gina on her way up, Gina’s gonna make sure she feels her heels digging in every step of the way.

Kelinswriter: Wow, Gina’s going to make Michele drink every drop of poison. How very dish best served cold of her.

Alan is naked. And getting a massage from KATHERINE.


Jaina: Oh, HAI, Katheryn. Elizabeth. O_O I did not expect to see you there. Nice massage technique?
Kelinswriter: Oh hai Katherine. Them’s some mighty fancy duds for a professional masseuse. Oh… wait. Well at least we got to see her.

Guya, who has the best boyfriend, has the best ghostsister, too.

Kelinswriter: Hey, um, Guya? I vaguely remember reading that centering your chi works better without a couple of martinis in you.

She and Amber also discuss the Dead Hooker in the Funeral Home at the Rooftop.

Jaina: Apparently Guya came by her interrogation skilz honestly, because Katie is doing a damn good job herself. Guya’s “I’m just gonna get a drink and shut up now” is pretty hilarious. And apparently absolutely useless.

Guya thus confesses that Amber is a hooker.

Jaina: “If it makes you feel any better I think you were more a call girl than a streetwalker.” Once again Guya gets all the fucking awesome lines. Though Katie is bringing it too. This conversation is like…bringing the fun back. And yet it’s about a soul snatching dead hooker and another woman who’s been dead for like a couple decades. Woo.

Kelinswriter: This scene is comic gold. And at first I was a little thrown by the staging device that is never seeing Katie’s face until she stands up. But it works, because damn does it sell the line of the episode and a top candidate for line of the season.

“Are you telling me I’m a hooker?”

“What the hell was he doing with a hooker?”
“Really? You need me to explain that?”

Jaina: Katie’s not!amused face is also awesome. Heh.

Amber is sad for the Colonel and what he had to deal with, the corpse and the stroke and all. Then Guya mentions Gina. Amber wonders what that childe has been up to.

Kelinswriter: Gina is not going to like that upcoming conversation with Auntie Jane one bit.

Kelinswriter: Pausing to say thank you to Kelly Moneymaker for including “We Rise Like Smoke” in season 3. It would not be Venice without Kyler’s presence.

Meanwhile Lara and Ani are having the saddest night ever. Lara’s got her wounded animal gaze and Ani’s faking sleep. Lara’s going to shatter into a million pieces. Right here, right now. Ani has no strength or patience to hold her together. Ani says all the right things. She has before. Lara knows they’re placating lies.

Lara wants to fight. Or fuck. Anything to feel she’s alive.

Ani wants to feel nothing at all.

Jaina: I don’t even know what to say about Lara and Ani. I could use the word “sad” again, but if I do Rysler might smack me. And since Venice has taught us that’s bad… I don’t even…fuck. They could not be farther apart in that bed. I almost buy Ani’s “I’m just not in the mood; it’s not about us” line, because I don’t think it is totally about their relationship. Ani seems depressed, down, bummed out with her life. It’s more than just Lara, but Lara is definitely a contributing factor. I don’t think Ani wants to look at her life or her relationships or where it’s going because she knows she’s not gonna like what she sees. She’s in denial, but she can’t escape that dread, that depression that’s following her around anyway. So yeah. And those crocodile tears, Lara. I see what you did there.

Lara goes to write.

Ani gazes at the empty bed and imagines Gina there.

Jaina: Yeah, okay that was sad too. Fuuuuuck. But…Ani’s learned what Gina taught her all too well. She’s not dissecting this time; She’s squinting her eyes closed as tight as she can. Thing is, that’s not working either. She feels just as lonely with Lara as she did with Gina. Maybe more so. That really seemed like a toss up though. Geez. Gina’s learning from past mistakes and I think so is Ani, but she’s learned all the wrong things.

Gina, too, is trying to sleep, neglecting Ani. Ani tries to keep from crying. It is difficult to look at her side of the screen.

Kelinswriter: Oh, man, the fragile intimacy of this just tears me up. Neither one of them can bear to say anything truthful to each other at this point. Lara falls back into her apologetic protestations of love routine and Ani finds a very polite way to say “Please shut the fuck up.” The gulf between them on that bed is about the size of the Grand Canyon. Lara can’t hack it – she gets up to write (code: drink) and Ani goes into flashback to she and Gina and the realization that in her own way, she’s switched roles and become the shut down person who won’t let anyone in. Kudos to Venice for hitting the nail on the head with Gina’s pissy “NOT THE TALK PLEASE NOT THE TALK AGAIN!” reaction. It’s just…ow. There is no awful like the awful that is lying next to the person you love and realizing you have no clue how to communicate with her any more.

It wouldn’t be any better with Gina, Ani tells herself. But she still doesn’t know what to do.

So she calls Michele!


When two characters from somewhat separate spheres get together on a soap, they bring all their baggage with them, and it gets all mixed up, and there’s so much here I’m kind of at a loss to summarize. Every time I try and talk about one thing I miss something else.

I’ll start with Michele. She is good at listening to other people’s relationship problems. At making herself smaller. At listening while dismissing herself. She’s encouraging, and she’s fun, and even Ani takes advantage of her rather than nurturing Michele’s pain. Michele’s pain is deep, perhaps equal with Ani’s. It was Gina who helped her before.

Ani would help her. But Gina doesn’t know her as well as Gina does. Or so Michele thought.

So Ani thought, too.

Screw bananas. Ani is eating a burger and fries. (Kelinswriter: Stop making me hungry, show.) She’s out in the sun. She’s happier than she’s been. Stronger. Here, talking to Michele, Ani feels like she can do anything. Even, maybe, have this exact conversation with Lara instead of Michele.

Jaina: I am irrationally happy that Ani is eating a burger. It makes me feel better about her mental state. Hopefully she just said fuck it all and relaxed. No one’s judging her there. No pressure; no worries. It is interesting to realize that Ani knows that she and Gina aren’t talking. I mean, I figured that she would be avoiding Gina after the confrontation at the beach, but when you’re avoiding someone it can be hard to realize that they’re avoiding you too. So…like I said, interesting. It adds more perspective to Ani’s suffering and dare I say depression.

Kelinswriter: I like the notion that Ani and Michele have this separate friendship. You just know they’ve bonded in large part over what a nightmare Gina can be to deal with and have maybe given each other little hints on how to handle her. I do wish there’d been a bit more in maintext to establish that Michele knows that Lara actually injured Ani and that Ani is trying to forgive her and move forward, because that’s a pretty big thing for a friend to process and accept. Either that, or Ani’s just been vague and evasive about what exactly their troubles are.

Jaina: Thank you, Michele, for voicing what I was thinking. YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, ANI. Other than not bailing. Lara’s manipulative ways are all rage inducing. Do y’all think Michele thinks that what Ani hasn’t forgiven Lara for was the drunken pool falling or does she know what actually happened? Given Michele’s history’s with relationships in Season 1, I would totally see her reacting veeeeeeery differently if she actually knew what had happened. Duuude.

Michele thinks subjugation isn’t the way to go. She should listen to herself.

Kelinswriter: “You could never be like Gina.” I think Michele may be on the “Down with the Brognos” train.

Owen finds Sami, who’s de-slutified, and attempts to be all casual and cool. He wants it to be easy.

Jaina: Owen looks impressively scruffy.

Van is easy. Not Owen.

But here’s the difference between them. Owen, faced with Sami’s utter rejection and the implication of dating his cousin, just kind of shrugs and doesn’t want her to get hurt. He’s been through this before. He’s not evil. He’s just a loser.

Jaina: This conversation seems almost scripted. I don’t mean that in a show kind of way but a “this is how this conversation has gone in the past, is going now and will always go”. Does that make any sense? It’s just how it goes.

Kelinswriter: You’re dumb, Owen. You’re really, really, REALLY dumb.

He stands there on the street as Sami walks away from him, not even sure what happened. But he does know, whatever happened, it happened because he’s a loser.

Kelinswriter: Oooh, Sami dropped the F bomb. That’s significant, I think. Look out, Brognos!!!!!!

Jaina: Owen is also so busted, only now he knows it. And hates it. I almost felt bad for him for a second there, but…he did kind of bring this on himself. The Brognos, well, everyone really is having a shitty week/day/whatever. I think Guya’s the one having the best day/week/whatever and that’s a little sad because she’s having conversations with her dead sister who’s inhabiting a hooker’s spirit. Yup.

10 comments on “Recap: Season 3, Episode 6

  1. I was shocked at first that Michele was so…so damn calm about Lara hitting Ani. I mean, if it was my friend, I’d be piiiiiiiiised they were hurt – trying to hide it, probably, at this point, so as not to burden them further, but still pissed.
    Only there is NONE of that from Michele, no real underlying anger. Nothing simmering under the surface regarding Lara.
    So, yeah, I think Michele is talking about the party and drunk Lara falling into the pool.

    LOVED Guya and Amber/Katie scenes. They are so stealing this show.
    And Guya sneakily interrogating Brandon? Bwahahaha!
    CC and writing team have surprised me again – I did not expect Guya to realize 1) Amber was at The Colonel’s, and 2) Gina was involved in getting rid of the body, this quickly. Really thought it’d take a few episodes/rest of the season for her to put the pieces together.
    I’m really enjoying these twists they’re giving to common soap tropes.

    The “a good man” was very wince inducing. *winces* On the other hand – Gina shut The Colonel down quickly and that kind of lessoned it some. No dragging out the good man bit, it’s not gonna happen, full stop. *shrug*

    And oh, poor Ani. *sniffles* But boy, does the lady have Issues. JL is so totally bringing it, it’s a joy to watch even as she breaks my heart in doing so.

  2. Chylybyn on said:

    I have yet to read the recap, ya’ll, so my apologies if I repeat something you’ve already talked about.

    OH MY GOD, that scene between Colonel and Gina, the good man and the no maybes? Made me fall on the floor laughing my ass off! How many times and ways did we here Olivia agree, ‘He IS a good man.’ Just total shout out to Otalia and firmly establishing ‘there shall be no Frank’ WOOT to JLH! Beyond that, how completely adorable was the Colonel’s puppy dog look. You know the old dude is scheming how to stick it to Stella, lol!

    Speaking of Stella: yay for backstory and beautifully rendered by Dot. Not to be too hasty when one is still in mourning, but let’s get Dot a new girlfriend! Oh, and can’t Gina and Dot move beyond the front door/front porch? Maybe High Top?

    Another OMG for the fabulous Jessica Leccia! That conversation with her healthy food was just perfect. Then that awkward yet so dysfunctional family conversation with her rude brother, leading to the eating of the muffin? Yeah, first, Ani so needs me to drive out to Cali and give her some comfort. Second, more Jessica Leccia!!! OH, and that throw away back handed compliment slap about showing the pictures to the acupuncturist? Grrr. Love a mean and bitter Christian LeBlanc. What a great villain on Y&R until they redeemed Michael’s skank ass! Again, poor Ani. I really need to hug you.

    Oh, Lara. In a bar, really? That tonic water is so not going to last. Even if it is now your ‘usual’ drink. LOL on Lara trying to sneak away from Sami. I don’t blame you, girl! I suddenly don’t trust Sami and think she is going to be pivotal in pulling Lara down off the wagon. Bonding over Brogno hate…I really don’t like these girls. Which is fabulous! Love having characters to rip, lol!

    Guya and Brandon are so cute together. They just click. Honestly, HBS is becoming the highlight of each episode. And that’s no diss on everyone else. I love watching her. I don’t mind their het-sex interaction

    Michele-grovel mode. Gina-cold shoulder. So bad-ass Olivia, right? She is going to dig into that open wound every.single.time!

    That massage, lol!

    The sister scene? Once again, they just work so well off each other. They are so convincing. Plus, so good at this. The hooker/call girl thing? MWAHAHAHAHA!!! And Guya connecting the dots? TOo cool. And so soapy! YAY!!!

    The awkward going on in that Lara-Ani bedroom scene made me so want to look away. I’m sure i am not the only one who could so relate to the ocean of room between two prone bodies in the middle of the night. Been there, done that. Well, okay, there was no fist involved, but still. So horrible. Then…scene of the show. That memory was so perfect for the moment. I had almost forgotten how mean Gina was before she started her journey back to being human. There was so much going on in that scene. Watching Ani try to keep her composure was heart-breaking; watching Gina visibly flinch after those hateful words came out of her mouth was riveting. I watched it three times. Not just for the CC/JL goodness, but for the way it just works. Great back to back scenes

    Okay, the cut scene of the beach? That dude picnicing was drinking from a boot, right? I can’t have been the only onw to have seen it!!! BWAHAHA!! Tequila Revolucion, perhaps?

    Honestly. Jessica is simply too adorable for words. Which makes Ani too adorable. I can’t get enough of this character. More Ani! I love that they have their own relationship. I wonder how much Ani has told Michele about Lara. Im not sure Ani would have confessed to the smackdown. She sure wasn’t interested in telling Gina. I don’t think Michele has a clue about how bad it was. And there we are: Ani desperate to not repeat the same mistake with Lara as she did with Gina. I love how it’s all so circular. More soapy goodness, yay!! A lovely scene.

    Owen. Eh. Okay, I watched this scene, just because the rest of the episode has been so good. I admit, it was better than I thought it would be. He is such a dude. And his hang dog look when Sami called him on Eve. Playa! You got caught. Beyond that, once again, his total Van hang up is amusing. I really want to see where that story goes. Even if it Owen. Because anything that gets more a little more evilVan is aces in my book! Sami storms off. I find I lack caring. However, I will add another confession. In that last shot, I finally saw the scrumptious Owen appeal. If only he could just stand there and not open his mouth 🙂

    Another keeper episode. Isn’t this the halfway point? I am so impressed with how tight the writing is, how well the stories are weaving together, how everyone seems to be settling into their characters skin, how seamless everything is working this season, how much I adore Ani and how much I am rooting for Gina. I could nitpic, but really, I am just so happy the show has found its stride, I refuse to see anything other than sunshine and daffodils. Thank you, Team Venice. I love this soapy ride!

  3. Chylybyn on said:

    Now that I’ve read the recap, just popping back to say, seriously, you three totally rock the analysis of this show. You make me think about what I thought I was seeing on the screen. You see much deeper in to what’s going on. Im just happy to be entertained. Ya’ll turn it into performance art. Love your recaps as much as the show.

    Also, I realized I forgot to give a shout out to the absolutely fabulous job Kelly Moneymaker is doing with the music. I’ve always loved the Venice music choices, but she has really enhanced the scenes in an even deeper way. I want all that music!!!

  4. CleoSlater on said:

    Ladies I look forward to your recaps as soon as I finish the episode. I so appreciate a forum to discuss the show as a whole and not just one couple. Venice is about so much more and I appreciate that because it is the reason I continue to watch. This was a good follow up to the great episode last week. Great debut for Christian LeBlanc as Jake. Yes the character was a jerk but Christian nailed it. There was such familiarity in the dialogue and with the performance in his little digs at Ani. Nice scene between Gina and Stella. Once again poor sad Ani. Kudos to Crystal and the writers for the clever use of the flashback scene to GiAni in contrast to Ani with Lara. Soaps today fail in using flashbacks but Venice has been spot on. Loved Michele and Gina. Going by the dialogue in her scene with Ani, I cannot imagine Michele being apologetic to Gina much longer. I too enjoy Guya and Brandon but I just love HBS. Lara and Sami means nothing but trouble and I hope they are drunk buddies. Lara is only interesting to me when she is drunk or scheming. I think the angry ex-girlfriend is where they are headed with Sami. Oh Owen you have no clue what you want. Did I say Poor Ani yet? What else is there to say but Poor Ani. This episode left me with great anticipation for the Guya confronts Gina scene about helping the dead hooker. It should be FIYA. Good job Venice team and cast.

  5. Hookedonafeeling81 on said:

    All of this ladies. Every single thought. I am in your amen corner. Also, ditto to the thing that Chylybyn said about making us think– hell I feel like I learn more and more about the show and the story lines just by reading these recaps.

    One last thing, I keep thinking that if Gina was so god awful to Ani– then why did she keep coming back? Gina definitely sucked a little– I get that. And I get that Gina/Ani didn’t work because they were looking for different things– but damn, there had to be some redeemable qualities/memories of their past relationship. Ani seems to be going down a “Gina was horrible horrible girlfriend” path– while Gina only sees the relationship through Ani focused rose colored glasses. Does Ani remember any of the good times with Gina or do you think this sole focus on the bad times is a consequence of her depression/reflection?

    • Kelinswriter on said:

      My opinion on your question? Ani’s depressed, and depressed people tend to only see the negative. I think she’s dwelling on what didn’t work with Gina – how it failed – because that’s what she’s seeing happen with Lara. I think it hurts too much to think about the good times, or maybe she’s just not capable of seeing them right now. Also keep in mind she doesn’t know about the letter or how Gina feels, not in any concrete way. “I don’t think I can be what you need me to be” is still echoing in her mind (and who could blame her for getting stuck on that). So I think she’s picking at the sore tooth that is the negative of Gina to distract herself from the broken arm that is the negative of Lara.

      In short, the poor girl needs a hug and a boatload of therapy.

      • Hookedonafeeling81 on said:

        I agree that she needs therapy and I even see that her depression allows her to focus on all the negatives w/Gina and how those negatives are sorta parallel to how she feels she is treating Lara– but they are two different things. I know that— u know that, but Ani has to figure that out.

        My only worry is when she finally sees the letter–how will that pan out. She has been wallowing in the bad times for so long that I worry that when that silver lining finally appears(in the form of Gina’s letter) she won’t be capable of looking past all the muck that she has been wading through to see the good.

        Anyway, thanks for entertaining me!!! IMO, these last 2 eps have been the best episodes yet– even better than the sexy times in the first episode of season 1 and 3. I love that we are starting to see the cracks in Ani’s semi-perfect armor and that nothing is as completely as it seems– The only thing I could ask for to make this perfect– perfect, is a lil teaser at the end of each episode to let me know what’s coming next.

  6. Okay, this is a bit long. 😀 That’s what you get when they pack a LOT of stuff into an 18 minute episode.

    Gina & The Colonel – This scene is so well done. Gina seems actually the most relaxed and ‘at home with herself’ there in her father’s house. Loved the very quick shutting down of the “Good Man” reunion…

    Gina & Stella – this scene was made of awesomeness and both actresses nailed the nuances in it. Subtle but still very strong admission and automatic acceptance.

    Ani – Okay, Jess should wear tanktops…a lot. Just beautiful. And that looks like a Palm Treo phone on that table. Trying hard to be healthy, her issues with food guilt. Her chat with her brother wishing him a happy birthday, seemed to go from somewhat positive to absolute crap. Wanna hug her so bad. Older brother is an ass. But, if I recall correctly, in season one Ani had told Lara that her older brother didn’t like her sexual orientation, while her younger brother thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Would love to see that next season. She seems to internalize everything, which is only going to get her further into trouble.

    Lara & Sami – Lara’s “Oh Shit” moment of ‘is she going to tell’. She wouldn’t have to tell Gina (in their mutual down with the Brognos), if she let it slip to anyone in their circle of peeps. Then she starts to relax in their mutual dislike of the Brogno family.

    Guya/Brandon interrogation. That was awesome and adorable stuff.

    Gina & Michele – So awkward. Michele trying to make an effort to figure out where their friendship/employer-employee relationship stands, and Gina’s just not giving her anything. The ‘you wanna play in my world, you’re gonna have to go all the way in.

    Alan & Katherine – yeah, I kinda suspected some history between those two from their scene earlier this season, but it also picks up on the chemistry btw the two when Alan called her Elizabeth last season…like a ‘ooops. I didn’t think we were gonna bring that up again’. Makes me curious about the exact nature of that past indiscretion.

    Guya & Katie/Amber – seriously, Hillary and Liz are almost stealing the show – they’re dynamic is wonderful and the lines for each of them are FTMFW! “Are you telling me I’m a hooker?” is rolling on the floor laughing kind of lines. Their interactions are brilliant. This is a tweet Jill sent me yesterday – @JillLorieHurst – @Ceridwyn2 @crystalchappell Les and Erika turned Guya/Amber into 1 of my favorite duos. One of mine, too.

    Ani & Lara – So far apart and still be in the same bed. Another ‘scripted’ moment in my thoughts, because I really get the feeling that Lara’s part of this is ‘I’ve been here before, how can I make her get me and love me again…I want some nookie,” and Ani shutting her (and herself) down. She just does not want to feel anything. And again I want to hug Ani, especially after her flashback to her and Gina facing communication difficulties.

    Ani & Michele scene – this is actually the only scene where you see Ani smile, and actually seem happy. She seems more relaxed, and probably the highlight moment of her day. Interesting dynamic there. And no, I don’t think Michele knows of Lara’s hitting Ani – I think it’s just from the drunkLara! falling into the pool. I also think that if she had known, she’d be more pissed off for Ani’s sake, and if she had known, she’d have given Lara what for the next time she saw her. As it is, their circles haven’t colided yet.

    Owen & Sami – Owen you’re an ass and I think he’s realizing how much of a loser he has become. He really doesn’t seem to realize that he’s no longer a moody lazy teenager with seriously fucked up relationship patterns. He’s an adult with seriously fucked up relationship patterns. Van may well be a damn manipulator, but this loser status of Owen’s is really off-putting.

    I think Guya’s the one having the best day/week/whatever and that’s a little sad because she’s having conversations with her dead sister who’s inhabiting a hooker’s spirit. Yup.

    If I’d been drinking, I’d have done a spittake to resemble Guya’s earlier in the episode.

    And so YAY on another of Kyler England’s songs on Venice. “We Rise Like Smoke” is fabulous. When I asked Kyler in the interview I did with her this fall I had asked her if she was going to submit her songs for Venice S3.

    Chylybyn says: Also, I realized I forgot to give a shout out to the absolutely fabulous job Kelly Moneymaker is doing with the music. I’ve always loved the Venice music choices, but she has really enhanced the scenes in an even deeper way. I want all that music!!!

    All that music is available in individual downloads in the VShop – in the VTS Season 3 Music link.

  7. Chrissie on said:

    Besides the Owen/Sami scene, I feel like this is one of the best episodes of the entire series thus far. Good blending of scenes; they just flow. Love all the delicious Ani background we’re getting. Jake is an asshole, but even more than that, he’s pathetic and sad. Drinking alone in the dark on his birthday? Why do I have a feeling Ani has dealt with alcoholics before?

    That Lara/Ani scene and Gina/Ani scene tugged at my heartstrings. Poor girl needs to put down the fuckin’ cheeseburger and get a hug or something. 🙁

    JL really did an excellent job in this episode and as always it isn’t just what she said, it’s what she didn’t say. Her eyes are just as powerful as the words she speaks.

    Amber(Katie)/Guya continues to be hilarious and sad at the same time. Glad things are picking up with that storyline.

    Sami/Lara was interesting. Pretty sure Lara’s gonna continue to go to “AA” right on Sami’s lap eventually. Hmmm…

    Overall, a great solid episode. 🙂

  8. WoodsyLadyM on said:

    Ani’s brother is a real jackass, but at the same time he’s a sad and bitter man. Alcohol issues obviously, because even if he’s not on the West Coast, it can’t be much later than noon anywhere in the U.S. and he’s already shit faced. And he’s drinking alone and in the dark on his birthday, how pathetic is that. If I were Ani, I wouldn’t be calling him on his birthday or any day of the year, for that matter. Makes you wonder what their parents were like. Probably one of them was abusive and a bully, while the other was submissive.

    I’ve always said that I thought Nadia’s acting has vastly improved on Venice. In this episode, she’s given her best performance so far, especially in the bar scene. I thought she played that whole scene very well.

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