Recap: Season 3, Episode 2

Hi and welcome to the second recap of Venice the Series: Season 3 with Kelinswriter (@jessiewolf), Jaina (@Jaina47) and myself (@Ryslerfic).

I stayed home sick today and ended up mainlining five episodes of One Life to Live, which totally put me in the zone for Venice. All the metatextual references, the soap tropes, the structure… the best lines in today’s episode were full of double-meaning and foreshadowing.


Rysler: I also get a vibe they’re setting Gina up as a true tour du force this year, rather than just sort of.. present like last year. Giving her a true soap leader status, like a Lucci or a Lord. They are coiling her the fuck up.
Kelinswriter: Gina’s going to stop being passive in her own life. If you think about it, she really was. She let her relationship with Ani fall apart, she let the Colonel make her feel small. The question I would ask is why. (think I know the answer, but…)
Rysler: Because she has [REDACTED]?
Kelinswriter: We aren’t talking about [REDACTED] yet.
Jaina: Oh, you mean the thing with the thing and the thingie?

Jaina: Did I mention I like the new opening sequence? With the time lapse and all that? Cause I do.

It’s still morning!

Okay, it’s the next morning. Gina, our superhero, has arranged care and feeding of the Colonel, she’s gotten wasted with Jane and Owen, which always puts her in a good mood. She is ready to take on Alan. She is ready to take on Richard.

It’s always sunny in Venice Beach.

The Colonel, too, is full of vigor, and he’s not gonna let some She-Ra mess him up. They arm-wrestle. (Jaina: I admit the Colonel does have a point about the unfairness of the whole thing. Dude. OMG. The scream. I…was not expecting that, Venice. *snickers*) Remember how the Colonel couldn’t hold marbles a few months ago? He’s healing. He’s baaaaack.

Gina goes to see Richard. “You’re all dirty. And stinky.” She asks him to look in on the Colonel. And she’s fucking giddy. I would be amused if the whole season was like, Gina trying to get back to her first day of work, except hijinks.

Jaina: Never having been to Cali…do they really just let people live in their Vans in beach parking? That seems a little…I mean, is that a real thing? I’m just curious.

[for all you Bo/Carly fans out there. Yum.]

Kelinswriter: Okay, Gina and Richard. I will simply say that getting to see these two banter together again makes me very, very happy. And hyper Gina against laid back, kind of crushing Richard is so sweet. They are so completely not processing where each other is at headspace wise.

Still morning. Lara shows up for her AA meeting. She angsts. I am really happy with all these quiet, one-character moments we’re getting this year.

Jaina:“Here comes the wagon again?” I heart you Venice, for that alone. A little heavy handed maybe, but funny as hell. I guess comedy is this season’s new thing? Because they definitely seem to be bringing it more consistently than in the past.

Jaina: Also, I kind of loved Lara’s sad, do I have to go into the gross building with the gross people face. I mean, clearly this is an indicator of more Lara!problems. She doesn’t think she has a big enough problem that she needs to be there with those plebes, but…I still find the look amusing while I find the rest of it seriously ominous. Let the lying and fun and games begin. Though on second thought, she gets credit for being awake at 9:30 AM. …I guess?

Jaina: And yet, Ani’s black-eye and looking at a similar pamphlet puts it into a crystal clear (uh, really pardon that pun. It was totally unintentional. My bad.) perspective. I feel like this still has a lot worse to get before it gets any better. And if the beginning hurt that much, just how much worse is it gonna get? And when does Gina get to start slamming doors in people’s faces already?

Ani, alone, drinking her morning coffee and being all sad. She is not having a giddy morning.

Kelinswriter: Both the Lara and the Ani silent scenes are really important I think. Because they’re both on the edge of a precipice. Lara’s being, “Do I get healthy or stay the way I am?” and Ani’s really being in some ways the same. Ani’s wondering if she should buy in, and if she does, what is she actually buying into?

Owen THINKS he’s having a giddy morning. He, like his twin, experienced the healing joys of Family Wasted Time. His soul is purged. He can even go visit his father. This is the good place Owen is in. He brings an offering. And he tells his father his news. Everyone else loved and supported him through it, so why not?

The Colonel is a shitheel immediately. “Nice of you to finally stop by.”

Owen cowers.

Jaina: Awww, Owen’s apathetic offering. Slacker!Owen grows on me more all the time. Maybe because I’m not actively trying to ship him with anyone. I…um…okay, I gotta say I feel a little bad for Owen here, all kicked when he was down, but I gotta say that I actually find the Colonel praising Gina so excessively to be kind of hilarious. And awesome. She is now the perfect daughter? Really? Though did Owen really not expect the Colonel to go for it/him when he laid out the job situation for him like that? I mean, I feel for Owen here. He was going through a lot. It was unfair, yada yada. And the actor thing was total crap obviously, but…other than that? The Colonel kinda had a point about Owen not stepping up. While Owen did too. Oh family drama.

Rysler: The Colonel respecting Gina now because she proved she was tough, and still hating Owen because he’s weak makes me really sick to my stomach.
Kelinswriter: That’s the Colonel. Gina won with the Colonel because she challenged him. “I never thought you were a quitter until now” was what got him doing his rehab. Nurse Stella goads him into the arm wrestling competition which deep down he knows he can’t win because she challenged him. I think he knows that he’s stuck with the nurse, but he’s going to make himself at least pretend it was some sort of wager so he can say that he lost fair and square and is living with the terms.
Rysler: Right? He tried to pussy out and she grabbed him by the balls.
Kelinswriter: As to Owen – the Colonel is a man who is trained to smell weakness. He attacks it like a tiger would attack the smell of blood. Owen feeds in to that. Gina let herself do that for a long time, and now she refuses to, and so that’s forced a detente of sorts.
Kelinswriter: But I do agree very strongly with the Colonel when he called Owen on the fact that Owen let Gina do all the work while he pretended to be off making a movie. Because as I said last year that is an entirely bitchass thing to do.
Rysler: Eh, it was lose/lose. Owen couldn’t convince Gina to let him die, and Gina couldn’t convince Owen to help.
Kelinswriter: The problem is he wouldn’t have died. Assholes always live til 90.
Kelinswriter: The Colonel saying that Gina “manned up” is so telling. Especially saying it to Owen. He’s telling Owen what he expects from his kids, and Owen has failed miserably. as usual. The “Owen being Owen” line…the Colonel really is trying to help Owen with all this tough love. It comes across as meanspirited, but in the world of Asshole, it’s really not.

Since this is a for-real soap, Richard barges in as Owen barges out. Possibly overhearing. What do the characters know? The Colonel is happy to have a Real Man in the house.

Kelinswriter: Richard really is the son he wanted.

Rysler: Gina has “tracked [Ani] down” at a beach shoot. Stalker.
Kelinswriter: Oh yeah. Ani’s been sending every call to voicemail.
Jaina: You know Gina tracking Ani down, do you think she made a brief stop by Springfield to borrow Frank’s NatTracker 3000?

Gina is still giddy, because her relationship with Ani is so awesome these days, right? Even though Ani cried in her arms and told Gina she was scared. Of what? Gina doesn’t remember. She gets to go back to work today!

Jaina: She’s totally keeping that side of her face hidden. Oh, terrified Ani.

Ani does a check-in, “Is everything okay?” and then establishing that Gina’s a stray italian greyhound, tries to get the fuck rid of her. Go away, Gina!

Jaina: I love how Gina is so free and like reveling at being in Ani’s presence and Ani is just like oh god go get the hell out of here. Now. Leave. Go. Oh god.

Gina babbles.

Ani deflects.

Jaina: Oh god. That’s just…the saddest thing ever. The scene is so a mixture of hijinks, ominous and terrified. They hit that tone perfectly. I was thinking it might be a near miss, that Gina would be so caught up in her freedom that she misses Ani, but she sees her now right? Isn’t that the thing? And she goes so tenderly for the glasses. And I love the way she touches Ani’s chin.

Ani tries out a dozen lies and blames herself. She bought glasses that were way too big. She got eye strain. She’s stupid. She’s a klutz.

Jaina: You know, having had a black eye before, I know how painful it would have been for Ani to smile like that with the side of her face fucked up. She’s like literally in pain to keep that facade up that everything’s fine.

Ani smiles big and self-effacing at Gina when Gina sees her eye. Yeah, like that’s going to work. Gina goes from puppy to rabid Rottweiler in like, three seconds.

Check the headshake after “No, you’re not.” Ani is as powerless to stop the coming tirade as Owen was. Aren’t bullies great?

Kelinswriter: That “okay” after “I will fucking kill her” made me laugh out loud. This is exactly why Ani didn’t want Gina to know. She knew Gina would go ballistic and it would become about managing Gina. Which is still Gina not really putting Ani first in some ways, because she’s not reading what Ani needs. It’s about her need to act. Fucking territorial alphas.

Jaina: “Let it go. Have you met me?” Ha! And fucking awesome.

Jaina: I’m curious about Ani’s mumbling. The way she turns after Gina walks away it makes me wonder if she was having second thoughts, doubts about sending Gina away. “Don’t leave me.” I’m only gonna need to watch that scene about four thousand more times.

Lara goes over to Ani’s Awesomesauce Apartment, carrying a dozen red roses. She knocks over the mail, because she is a fuckup.

Jaina: …and there goes mail theft. Geez.

Kelinswriter: What I find most intriguing is that for the second time this episode, we see Lara mulling her options without being shown what her ultimate decision was.

[awesome shoes]

Kelinswriter: I have those shoes, or at least knockoffs. In fact, I am wearing said knockoff shoes as we speak.

Meanwhile, Sami is pissed/sad about Owen.

Gina walks into her office. She’s made it to work. Yay! Only she’s been talking to herself, arguing, working herself into a tizzy over Ani.

Kelinswriter: “She keeps falling for people who don’t love her the way she deserves to be loved and it’s just getting worse.” Line of the episode. Gina may not have fully processed it, but I think Gina has pegged there that for some reason, Ani is punishing herself. As if Ani is saying “I made a bad choice in a partner I just have to live with it.” All of Gina’s guilt is coming into play there because she fed into that.
Kelinswriter: I think we’re also seeing that for the first time, there is something fundamentally broken about Ani. And Gina may be the only person who gets that. It may in fact be why Ani gets Gina so well. (s1 ep6 bench scene. “I get you. Blessing. Curse.”)

Michele: “Um, hello?” And yet, Michele’s all, look, Ani drama. “Sometimes helping really isn’t helping,” she says, all guilty.

Jaina: “Sometimes helping isn’t really helping?” This has Jill Lorie Hurst written all over it. It definitely reminds me of Otalia in that. There’s a conversation going on here but they’re both talking about different things. But um, Michele, I know you wanna get that off your chest but how in the world does that seem like a good time to tell Gina. Duuuuude.

Crystal’s hair is growing on me. I’m totally there.

Gina walks out of work. Michele is just “…”

Ani packs up her ginormous SUV and angsts in front of the ocean, while eating a Three Musketeers bar.

Jaina: I probably shouldn’t be amused at Ani the massive SUV driver and yet…I am. The basking in the sun was…scary and sad and looked so briefly peaceful, just soaking in the warmth. She just…needed a moment.

Richard and the Colonel drink coffee and talk Gina and politics. Richard reveals he has a super crush on Gina. The Colonel tries to tell Richard he’s barking up the wrong tree but he can’t quite manage the words. Which makes this scene hilarious. The funniest of the episode.

“My work takes up a lot of space.” Does he mean in his heart?

Kelinswriter: The Colonel’s affection for Richard is palpable. Which amuses me considering Richard is a total hippie. But I think what he appreciates is Richard’s focus and dedication.

Gina shows up at Ani’s house, and from the dry “Oh. Hey,” I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SCENE. We have waited so long for the true Clash of the Alphas, not to mention the black eye payoff and I, for one, am a fan.

Kelinswriter: Okay I’ll be honest, the buildup to this has been so intense that the first go round I felt a slight sense of letdown. And that’s just because of manufactured expectations, nothing to do with the scene itself which is brilliant and really rather subtle in what it’s setting up.

Lara says, “You’re going to break the door!” Hee. Even that is so passive-aggressive. It’s basically saying “You are out of control, dude. There’s such a thing as decorum.” Gina manages to call her on it, but the follow-up is “Oh, of course Ani went right to you.” I love Lara.

Kelinswriter: Nadia’s eyes are freaking me out in this scene. They’re like vampire eyes.

We talked a lot last year about Nadia Bjorlin’s acting chops, and it’s well-known that Crystal elevates whoever she’s with. I think that’s a lot of the pleasure I get from this scene. Watching these two women go at it. Winning.

“What happens when you have another drink, Lara?”
“Pft, just leave.”


I have to stop quoting every damn line. Ani’s CD wall is spectacular.

Lara starts to get really fucking personal in her attack.

Kelinswriter: Typical alcoholic behavior. “You think what I did was bad? Let me tell you what YOU did.”
AimlessNY: And if I drink and hit her again, it will be your fault for coming in between us.

Jaina: Oh wow. The stripped, vulnerable broken look on Gina’s face…heartbreaking. I didn’t expect this to hit the fan so soon. I need to watch this scene a few million more times.

Kelinswriter: The jab that gets through Gina’s armor is her words of love to Ani thrown back in her face. I think part of her fears that Ani really did show it to Lara. That she was being laughed at, essentially.

Rysler: Well, that is always the core fear of a letter like that.
Kelinswriter: “Ani…Ani read it and she showed it to you?”
Kelinswriter: That is about as wounded as Gina gets. She’s just shattering into a million pieces there.
Rysler: I love how they took something so beautiful and made it so ugly. That’s… yeah. Brilliant.

Gina cries. She’s stalwart, and she knows how to take it, because she’s been taking it from her father all her life, and because Lara’s totally right.

Jaina: Dude, do not Lara get you off your mission point. Bruises = bad.

Kelinswriter: Honestly? Who would have thought that Gina would be the one walking away from that confrontation in defeat? That sets up so much in the way of opportunities to explore through this season. I thought the letter and the confrontation were both going to take a lot longer to get to, but all they’re doing is setting the stage for more explosive conflicts later.

Gina cries, and then she leaves, and Lara should be relieved.

But she’s not.

Jaina: And yet, Lara played that perfectly. Gina was practically falling apart as she walked out of there. That was…actually a little bit scary.

Kelinswriter: It makes her a fantastic villain. And I think part of why the reaction is so strong is that she’s a naturalistic organic villain. Everyone’s had that person who you thought was cool who turned out to be an entirely self-centered manipulative monster
Rysler: She’s a villain who doesn’t think she’s a villain. The best kind.
Kelinswriter: She thinks all her actions are justified. “You made me.”

And scene!


18 comments on “Recap: Season 3, Episode 2

  1. I love reading your recaps. Most of the time I am of the same mindset, but on occasion you all make a point that I didn’t think of. Which or course means I have to go watch that scene (or the whole darn show) over again!!!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Chylybyn on said:

    Oh, girls, I missed your recaps almost as much as I missed Venice. I have realized, belatedly, that while I read the V3-E1 recap, I neglected to comment. I blame it on my 2:08 haze…..dkajfijoeiniogog[ijaodjfadjal…. errr… sorry. I was reliving that memory…

    So, as much as there was yummy, gooey, crunchy goodness in V3-E1(seriously, the opening scene completely redeemed any nitpicky irritation I might have been harboring from V1), I LOVED V3-E2!!!!! Every scrumptious, angsty, soapy moment. Okay, maybe not Sami’s bedroom ‘motel’ decor, but every thing else was sublime.

    Do you mind if I add my 2 cents to the pot?

    Opening credits, all that sun and beach and pretty, makes me want to move to Venice immediately. If I thought Ani would be there, needing my TLC? Buh-Bye, Swede; helllooooo, Ani ;D

    I so enjoyed the snarky, acidic exchange between Coach…I mean, Nurse and the Colonel. It was like it’s very own sitcom. The pull-out to the scream? Delish, lol!

    The chemistry between Peter and Crystal, as always, just jumps off the screen. They play off each other so well. Should I be concerned that Richard seems to be the homeless guy in the van on the beach? Like, he would go all Chris Farley on us, will he? Regardless, I love his beach surfer, care-free vibe. I would so slip into board shorts and flip flops and hang out with him.

    I swear to God, I worked at the restaurant where the AA meeting was held. The concrete entrance? The dented double delivery doors? The empty plastic containers we racked the bread in, leaning against the wall? All the scene was missing was the overflowing dumpster. And the people hanging out at the door frantically puffing away on their cigarettes. How out of place and uncomfortable did Lara look? More importantly, did she or didn’t she? I think she genuinely loves Ani but…I trust her about as far as I can throw Coach/Nurse. Sadly, I’m voting no.

    Pensive, Black Eyed Ani, cradling her gigantor morning cup of java made me so protective of her. Don’t phunk with her heart, Lara!

    Colonel and Owen. Okay, I know this may turn Jaina against me, but, I am just not an Owen fan. I wanted to be. I love his interaction with Gina and Aunty. But, I can’t help it, there’s just something about him (possibly Galen’s less than stellar acting, IMO), but I just don’t care. All I could hear as he was whining to his daddy, was BLAHBLAHBLAH. I know the Colonel is an unyeilding SOB, but I’m kinda on his side. Owen let Gina do everything while he sulked, tanked his relationship with Sami, and screwed Eve. Grow up, dude!

    Okay, the beach shoot scene? Ani, those big-ass glasses can’t hide your heart, honey. Trust Gina, despite her joyful freedom, to finally cue in to the unhappy. Gina, so agonizingly unaware, Ani, so artificially happy, Ani, desperately hurling one lie after another, Gina, calling her on her shit, defensive Ani, protective Gina…HEAVEN, ya’ll, Just soapy drama heaven. I love, love, love the ‘I will fucking kill her, Okay, it was an accident, let it go, let it go, have you met me’ exchange!! That little bit of glory screamed ‘we have a history, we know how to fight with one another, this relationship is so not over’. Yes, I got all of that from the exchange, lol! It also points out Ani is such an enabler. She excused Gina for as long as she could, now she does the same with Lara. I hope we really get to see Ani’s back story delved into with more depth. On the surface, she’s this sweet, loving woman, but underneath, she is full of insecurities and need.

    Oh, Lara. We may not have seen you rip that letter open and greedily read the words, but you don’t fool me. You will read this letter. You will not tell Ani. You will use it against Gina. Eventually, It will all come spilling out in glorious soapy projectile drama. Ani will find it in her heart to forgive the pop to the face. She will not forgive this. I CAN’T WAIT!!! You are about to cross the Rubicon. Let me help you across the river, honey.

    Sami. Motel decor. Eh.

    Gina office scene. How much did I live Michelle in this scene. So much double meaning layered within their conversation. She is desperate to confess, but Gina just bulldozes her way through, fixated on saving Ani.

    The embarrassingly large gas guzzling SUV? LOL!! Where is enviroPeter to protest? Sweet Ani and that behemoth? LOL!!! Then the 3 Musketeers break, just soaking up the sun? Good GOD, I want to put this woman in my pocket and just make her every wish come true!

    Unsuspecting Richard, bwahahahaha!!! Another wonderfully amusing exchange. I love how the Colonel tries, in his own unique way, to clue clueless Richard in. I can’t wait for that conversation!

    And now, the scene we all were waiting for! I so did not expect it to go down the way it did. It was BRILLIANT. Brilliance in the writing, the acting, the direction, the staging. I could quote every moment in this scene, there wasn’t a false note in it. Two things that struck me: first, the moment you can almost physically see the gears in Lara’s head shift as she decides to change tactics, then turns the tables on Gina, manipulating the confrontation to her advantage, so fucking win. Second, and most phenominally: I love angryGina and disgustedGina and vengefulGina, but heart-shatteringGina? Yeah. That Crystal Chappell chick? No one does heart-shattering quite like her. Watching her character react in horrified disbelief at Ani’s supposed betrayal, makes my stomach clench. I have a visceral reaction to the pain Crystal conveys with every movement. She is at her best when she is wringing the emotional pain from herself and us. Epic, baby.

    Personally, I think a successful villain, which every good soap needs, has to be a character that you not only actively root against, but is not entirely pure evil. When Venice first aired, I was really torn as to what character I was most rooting against: selfish Gina or homophobic Colonel. There didn’t seem to be many redemptive qualities to either. They both seemed to present, in some way, as a caricature of a villain. As Season 2 progressed, it was obvious Gina was growing, progressing as a person, changing. I think this occurred with the Colonel, as well. I didn’t think of Lara as a villain in either season, not even with her drunken abuse. I was sympathetic to her addiction. I liked Lara and Ani as a couple. With that final scene in V3-S2, Lara became the true villain! I know, there are all kinds of psychological and addiction related explanations for what she did, but in pure soap terms, she went over to the dark side. As a fan of the soap genre, I love it. I love the potential story lines it sets up. I love the eventual fall out that will occur. I love the wrecking ball angst it creates. I love the way it finally, for me, transforms Gina into the anti-heroine, that flawed, morally complex person we root for, despite their obvious short-comings.

    As far as I’m concerned, even with only two episodes, this season of Venice is hitting it out of the park. As much as I enjoyed Season 2, I love the improvements to Season 3. I can see JLH words all over these scripts. There seems to be a better focus, a crisper feel to the overall story. Mostly, I just love the fabulous soapy vibe I’m getting.

    Sorry this is so long. I got a bit carried away, lol!

    • Don’t worry, my love for Owen varies. He was my favorite Brogno sibling in Season 1, but I think that says more about Season One!Gina than anything else. I was not so cool with some of his Season 2 actions.

      I think it’s aimlessla you might need to watch out for though. I hear she finds him visually aight.

    • Hookedonafeeling81 on said:

      Spot on Chyl with the Ani character development comments– I was thinking the same thing — like wow she is such an enabler. Also, kudos to JL in that beach scene, I could feel her irritation/impatience with Gina. She was so like–yeah, yeah, yeah, nice to see you, blah, blah, blah, insert obligatory compliment, yada, yada, yada, got to go. But fortunately for us Gina is not a self absorbed asshole this season–she is a woman in love- so of course she notices that Ani seems different.

      And score one for Lara– This bitch is not going down with out a fight!!! Gina better bring her A game!!

  3. aimlessla on said:

    Between Jaina, Kelins, Rysler and Chy, it’s hard to find something that hasn’t been so wonderfully covered already … but I’ll give it a shot.

    I did find the Ani and her Twix (ok, it was a 3 Musketeer) moment to be a bit ominous – here comes the bad relationship/eating cycle we heard about via the crazy aunt story.

    Oh, and Ani? When lara’s eyes go from stunning blue to a nearly icy white, she’s lying through her teeth. You might want to watch for that.

    And as for the work here, all I can ask is that Count Rugen, the Instigator and the Ninja promise to stay on for the entire Venice ride. Keep on recapping, Wonder Trio!

    • Hookedonafeeling81 on said:

      That three musketeers moment made me laugh out loud. It was very inappropriate I know, but all I could think of was that vintage ecard that says “I’m eating my feelings and they taste delicious”. You could see Ani exhale as she inhaled that chocolate— this show is so fuckin awesome.

      Spot on with the Lara eye’s observation– her eyes should be their own character on the show.

  4. You could see Lara intercepting the letter from a mile away – but I SO LOVE the twist of it being revealed so quickly, and letting Gina believe that Ani has already read it. Totally unexpected and executed so brilliantly.
    Crystal, of course, totally brings it, but Nadia really stepped up with her A game. Very cool.

    Nurse and Colonel are hilarious, and the scream? Hahahaha!

    I gotta agree with the Colonel about Owen, too – it was a really shitty thing to leave Gina, the sister he loves and adores, to carry the full weight of The Colonel’s recovery while he was not working. Just a shitty thing to do. And to wait until Gina can go back to her life to fiiiiiiinally pay him a visit? Still shitty.

    More hilariousness ensued with Richard and the Colonel, but daddy dearest did good NOT telling Richard; it really is Gina’s place to hit him with the clue by four.

    JL and CC are just brilliant and magical and GUH. *happy flails* Poor Ani, poor Gina. They both make some really stupid and self destructive choices. 🙁

    And to end this ramble, that Lara, she’s a smoooooth criminal.

  5. DarDar on said:

    Loved the recap. The 1st season of V I did not really feel anything for Gina but with better writing and story line she is really growing on me. I too can see the many twists and turns this season can lead to. I really did miss HBS in this episode. Having never watched OLTL I was not familar with her work but I am really enjoying her contribution to the show.

    Come on Wednesday.

  6. TheQuietOne on said:

    Loved the re-cap. With each season this show has improved so much. So much soapy goodness.

    Good for the Colonel for recognizing all Gina had done for him although I wonder if his praise of her to Owen was not really praise for Gina but a way of getting a few jabs at Owen.

    I agree that Richard is the son the Colonel always wanted.

    Round one goes to Lara. Can’t wait for round two.

  7. Chrissie on said:

    I think I’m in the minority, but ‘good man’ Richard makes me stabby.

    Otherwise, I’m really enjoying this season. Owen is a punk and I can’t wait to see Van ruin his life more. Nu!Sami is growing on me.

    Lara’s words were like papercuts to Gina’s already frail heart. Ani finding comfort in food, where Gina finds comfort in sex and Lara finds it in booze. We all have our addictions.

    • Hmmm, I hadn’t really noticed any “Good Man” Richard-ness – at least as it applies to Gina and Ani. I’m pretty sure there’s not a male in his life – except for maybe Jamie – that Owen doesn’t feel inferior too but that’s another story. Goodness knows it irritated me enough with Frank.

      But this story is a different one and I’m very interested to see where they’re going with this with Richard. His exchange with the Colonel was pretty damn amusing for me.

  8. I just forgot I hadn’t commented on the last one…at least I can’t remember if I had. At any rate, I REALLY love that these recaps are back.

    I posted my own thoughts on my blog last week. Will TRY to do that again this year for each episode. Here’s that post on the first epi –

  9. Tricia (@sparcharge) on said:

    I think Crystal has done many wonderful things with Venice and one of the best is to give actors a chance to shine. It’s like a reperatory company. Nadia has been a revelation. Jessica has really come into her own.I had really never seen Hillary, but she has such depth and power. I’m thinking Dot and Jordan will be amazing as well. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s comments.I’m so glad you 3 are back!

  10. AliDaks on said:

    The Gina-Lara scene was magic. Yes, at first I was disapppointed as I wanted the Gina smackdown but then I realized how well it was all crafted. Lara came out as the great deceiver and out and out liar who was not afraid to use someones heartfelt words against them to save herself. She’s sneaky & did present as the nicest thing ever. She is a wonderful villain. Big strong healthy happy Gina was cut to the core when she “thougth” Ani had shared her letter with Lara as if she thought little of it. I don’t think she was able to really question too much how the letter got there. I wonder if she finds out it was the Colonel and that causes problems again for them.

    I’m not a fan of Richard in the storyline as it’s following such traditional and tired true to form having a man in a lesbian’s storyline. I just watch it once, not happily, & then don’t watch those parts of the epy again. There’s enough opportunities for other drama in the show.

    It’s amazing that a webseries that has limited time is brave enough to give the characters those silent moments such as the two separate ones with Lara and Ani. Very much like GL, these are vital to the story too & especially when they are done so well.

    Episode 2 felt good as the stories are engaged and building. If the quality keeps getting as Ep 2 did this week then this is headed towards a super season.

  11. kelltwomyn on said:

    I have to confess, as well, to not commenting on the first recap. That is a sin and a shame! I do so enjoy these recaps. Glad y’all are back!

    I think everything has been covered…I’ll just add that Lara is batshit crazy. The way she turned everything around to make Gina the bad guy? And made it sound so logical and right? CRAZY.

    Also…just really admire/enjoy/love how these actors shine so wonderfully in their roles. It’s been a revelation to see them away from their regular soaps..awesome, awesome, awesome.

    Keep up the great work, ladies!

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