Xena Warrior Podcast Minisode 03 – “Armageddon Now Parts 1 & 2” – Conqueror Fic Notes

Ares and Callisto speak in Armageddon Now

Ares and Callisto speak in Armageddon Now: “Some people are just begging to get pounded.” “I didn’t think you’d noticed.”

Oh my god, ladies, you did not do justice to the massive Strife fandom out there. People are still writing Strife!fic. Oh my god.

Anyway, I’m naive, I didn’t know there was any controversy over Conqueror Fic. Which I always thought was weird, because it’s so dark and this is a fandom where people lost their shit over the Gabdrag. The ladies set me straight in their Armageddon Now podcast, where they give a frank, balanced discussion of Conqueror fic and its origins, and name-drop a few classics.

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Xena Warrior Podcast 40: 3×17 “Forget Me Not” / 41: 3×18 “Fins, Femmes & Gems” Notes

Xena Screencapture: Xena and Lao Ma in "The Debt"

I want to state clearly a thing that happened in “Forget Me Not” that I never realized before the podcast pointed it out.

Gabrielle imagined Xena having sex with Lao Ma. That’s what got her all, well, hot and bothered (I just listened to the Fins commentary so I’m all about sex puns!). Gabrielle was so jealous of Xena having sex with another woman that she went Rift-tastic. It’s there. In all this flying fabric metaphor that the podcast is helping me understand. I’m learning new language to talk about an old thing.

A very old thing. 😉

(So sorry).

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