Xena Warrior Podcast 31 – The Deliverer 3.4 & Gabrielle’s Hope 3.5 Commentary (and a brief history of rape in comic books)

Xena Warrior Podcast 31 is about “The Deliverer” and “Gabrielle’s Hope,” the beginnings of a six-episode series called “The Rift,” and for many, the beginning of Xena: Warrior Princess as an enduring piece of art.

“The Deliverer” is my favorite Ares episode. The speech in The Furies is a better speech, but Ares is more desperate here, more straightforward. I like him a little scared. And doing the right/wrong thing. Sort of. Does anyone agree? Take the poll!

As always, the podcast makes me feel so validated as a fan. This is nice, because I did not feel that way in 1997. This is also nice because it’s happening post-show, so there’s no anticipation or “What If?” We know what if. As the podcast says, “It’s important that you see the whole story to see what the ramifications are.” The reason this podcast is refreshing and timely and reflective is that it doesn’t come with fandom baggage and torturous uncertainty. Thumbs up. The podcast is very sympathetic to fans who struggle with change.

I agree that this is where the show really starts. The ladies say, “[Gabrielle]’s now going on Xena’s journey.” That’s the show. (I discussed it more at length in The Price commentary).

Beyond the cut is comic books, evolution, and not very much about the horror genre.
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Xena Warrior Podcast 28 – The Lost Mariner 2.21 – Commentary (Freud and Chandler)

Tony Todd in Xena

Xena Warrior Podcast Episode 28 is about “The Lost Mariner,” a lush and romantic episode (on a boat!) and “Comedy of Eros” which is… Look, I love Chris Manheim. She wrote “Paradise Found,” one of my top five episodes. She wrote “Devi” and “A Family Affair.” She is literally the best. Her commentary with Rob Tapert on “Paradise Found” is fantastic. So I’m not gonna throw shade. Instead, I found that clip of Chandler.

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